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BOOK COVER REVEAL: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Without Merit

Without Merit

In Colleen Hoover’s gripping novel, reminiscent of the bestselling works of Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyes, a young woman decides to reveal the dark secrets of her seemingly-happy family before she leaves them behind, but when her escape plan fails, she must deal with the staggering consequences of telling the truth.

What a gorgeous cover! OMG, it kinda reminds me of Confess. (See what I did there?) This is just so perfect. It has CoHo drawn all over the cover. I can almost see and feel the rawness of this book. I cannot wait. I absolutely cannot wait for October 3rd to come. Mark your calendars because you wouldn’t want to miss out any book written by the amazing Colleen Hoover.

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Book Updates

BOOK UPDATE: Without Merit by Colleen Hoover

Without Merit

*cover coming soon*

In Colleen Hoover’s gripping novel, reminiscent of the bestselling works of Liane Moriarty and Jojo Moyes, a young woman decides to reveal the dark secrets of her seemingly-happy family before she leaves them behind, but when her escape plan fails, she must deal with the staggering consequences of telling the truth.

Colleen Hoover goes back to her roots (Slammed & Hopeless) with her new standalone, Without Merit. CoHo may have warned readers that this doesn’t have the same intense feels like her last novel, It Ends With Us, but I believe that this new novel will be extraordinary as well. Without Merit is coming this October 3, 2017.

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It Ends with Us

Another CoHo book that will make us cry like a baby!

I’ve read lots of reviews about this one and it sure did made expectations high. I’ve read all of her books except one. Of those books only one got a three star rating. It didn’t faze me to continue reading her books because I know it will be so good. Her writing is just amazing. The poetry in every line is perfect and everything a novel should be.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.





Holy crapola!

I cannot.

The feels.

I die.

The best news ever! The favorite Maddox is back. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve waited for this one. I am so excited to see them again. It’s seeing you long lost best friend for ten years. Gah! I just love this series so much. I just love seeing all my boys again!

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


RAVAGE (Scarred Souls #3)


The third book in the series, yay!

I honestly didn’t expect to follow this series. The only reason I started it was because it was written by Tillie Cole. But I love everything about Russia, so it began. This will be a story of 914 or Jakhua and Mzia Kostava. Both have tortured pasts. One held captive by it and the other hiding from it.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

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Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Ugly Love by Colleen Hoover

Ugly Love

Ugly Love

Tate Collins doesn’t have much time for love. Luckily for her, Miles Archer doesn’t do love. Their relationship was supposed to be only about sex and nothing more. Line began to blur and rules were broken. Could Miles learn to open his heart again? Or would Tate’s heart be broken beyond repair?

“You’re solid, I’m liquid. You part the waters, I’m your wake.”

This is the first novel of Colleen Hoover that let me down. I have such high expectations because even Ms. Hoover claimed that Miles made her cry. I even loved the synopsis. I was frustrated with Mile’s POV. It made reading a bit difficult. It would’ve been better if it was written normally. The story line is actually good but I really can’t deal with the characters.

I was not impressed with Tate’s character. She’s so different from CoHo’s previous heroines and I didn’t like it. She was practically a doormat. I want to slap her repeatedly so she’ll finally wake up and stand up for herself. Miles was no different, he was such an asshole. His past was truly heartbreaking but I really can’t believe his attitude toward Tate. My golly, their relationship hurts so much. It’s like a bubble wrapped with barbed wire.

 It is with a heavy heart that I rate this book with 3 stars. My actual rating is 2.5 stars only but I added a consolation of 0.5 stars because I still love CoHo.

Read: August 6, 2014

Rating: 3 Stars

Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Slammed Trilogy by Colleen Hoover




It was a story of an eighteen year old girl named Layken Cohen, or Lake for short. She, together with her mother, Julia, and little brother, Kel, moved from Texas to Michigan to start over a new life after the death of her father. Who would’ve thought that the move she’s been dreading will lead her to the man she can’t be with easily–Will Cooper. Torn between doing what’s right and what she wants, Lake finds her way through heartaches, disappointments, betrayal and acceptance.

When the people actually performed a slam in the book, they poured their hearts out to whoever will hear it. Just reading it, I feel like I was really there in the bar and hearing their voice calling out to me. It might sound cheesy, cliché, or something but that’s what I actually felt when I read that book years ago. This book showed me that no matter what field of art you’re good at, you’ll be able to own the stage if you wanted to own it.

“Don’t take life too seriously. Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit. Laugh at it.”

This is an advice in the book that I liked so much. Life contains struggles but no matter how hard it will be, you can always smile. Fight back if you have to. We only live once, why not enjoy it? Having fun doesn’t mean that you’re dropping off all your responsibilities in life. You’re just setting them aside for a moment to take a deep breath and look out for what you’re missing.

In life, Slammed is a perfect example of a relationship. You get your ups and downs. It showed the struggles you’ll likely face in such an early age. But with all the grief, denials, disappointments, you’ve got to accept all of this. Just like how you’ll accept the person you love regardless of his or her flaws, physically, emotionally or mentally. Being perfect doesn’t justify how many will care about you. You don’t have to aim for everyone’s expectation because who cares what other thinks, if you know in yourself that you’ve done nothing wrong? Only the people you care about matters, because they’re the only ones who knows the real you.

Read: February 16, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars

Point of Retreat


The story of Lake and Will continues as they try to untangle the collision of their past and present. After finally being together, Lake and Will still have a lot on their plate for their future. Meet new characters with their heart-warming stories and good sense of humor, which will spice things up a bit for our two favorite characters. Will their relationship be able to survive the ghosts of the pasts?

“Point of retreat” is actually that, a tip or spot where you stop. After the promise they made to Julia that they’ll wait for at least a year to be sexually intimate with one another, Will and Lake throw out the gauntlet whenever they felt that things are getting too hot and heavy. Even after Julia died, she still has a strong influence and part to the story. Death doesn’t make one person forgotten. If anything, it only makes her more loved and cherished.

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Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Never Never Series by Colleen Hoover & Tarryn Fisher


Never Never


Never Never is so far from Colleen Hoover’s normal genre. Probably because it’s a collaboration with the amazing Tarryn Fisher. This story is about two teenagers figuring out the mystery mojo that happened to them. Picking out the truth from the lies, Silas and Charlie finds that there is more history with the two of them from the surface.

Ohmigod, ohmigod, ohmigod! The feels, my golly, my feels. One of the best books so far! One of your best, Ms. Hoover! I cannot put into words enough how good it is. I think I’m gonna die waiting for the Part 2. Four months. Four fucking months. I cannot endure this torture you’ve inflicted on us. Warning (if you haven’t caught my drift yet): This is book is a major cliffhanger.

Read: January 11, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Never Never Part 2





It took me seven months to find the courage to read NN Part 2. I really thought that it will only going to be two parts, so I was very excited at first. But then it was made known that there’ll be a third, I decided to wait for it so I wouldn’t endure many months of endless waiting. However, I don’t have any particularly good reading material right now, so I decided to pick it up already.

I can’t even begin to tell how good this book is. Jaw-dropping, heart-stopping and gut-wrenching revelations! We just keep on seeing how deeply in love Silas and Charlie were. It was really a great mystery as to where it all went wrong. Despite the fact that they can’t remember their past, it was like watching them fall in love again but better because this time it was so… innocent. So unmarred by anyone, by their past. Gah, I can’t wait to know more about their story!

I love this book so much. I love Silas Nash so much.

Read: January 9, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

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Contemporary Romance, New Adult

November 9 by Colleen Hoover

November 9

November 9

Fallon O’Neil met Ben Kessler the day she’s leaving for New York. A stranger she felt deep connection with. A stranger that made difference to who she was that fateful night. A stranger she agreed to meet a year later at the same day, at the same restaurant they first met and every year after that with no contact what so ever in between for five years. Could the heart be taught not to fall in love? Could the heart handle a secret buried so deep it would hurt to extract it? Could Fallon and Ben find their way to each other on November 9?

I heard of November 9’s synopsis thru Colleen Hoover’s mouth at the #CTCinPH last September of this year. To say that I was intrigue was an understatement. I had goose bumps, people, goose bumps! I was so very excited for this book to come out at the same time I was apprehensive because I don’t think I would ever be ready to have my heart ripped out again by the evil works of Colleen Hoover. Remember Confess? Yeah, I was so not over that one. However, as I was reading teasers left and right for the past weeks I guess I’ve prepared myself for a sob-worthy book…


WRONG! I was so not ready. I can’t tell you which November 9 was the most heart breaking scene of all because I don’t want to warn you. I want you to feel the same soul shattering emotions I felt. *insert evil laugh* Kidding, just kidding. But seriously, I don’t want to mess up a perfectly good book by hinting a few details here and there. Still, it’s not all crying that happens in this book! You’ll smile and laugh and hope like everybody else to fall in love! I actually learn a new word in this book. I don’t know if it’s been known for some time now but I genuinely just learned it from this book!


“Yeah. When a hot guy talks books with a girl. It’s like sexting, but out loud and with books instead of sex. Nor does it have to do with texts…”

See? It’s very educational. Lol.

If this is such a good book why didn’t you give it 5 STARS?

I had my reasons. First, I don’t think I fell in love with Ben or Fallon. I guess I fell in love with the circumstance life forced them into. And that makes them not very strong characters for me, for them not to touch my blackened heart and soul. Second, the plot twist reminds of another book published years ago. A part of me was not overly surprised by the big secret and that kinda dampens with my feels. Last, I think it finished so fast. One minute Fallon was being bombarded with so much clarity and the next we’re at the last page. Personally, a fast-paced happily ever after is a no go. It makes me say “I want more”, and not in a good way. I want more because this could not be the happy ending we’ve been waiting for. I felt like I lost a couple of pages along the way.

There you go…

November 9’s been out for awhile now. Get your copy because you don’t wanna miss out on one of the most anticipated books of 2015.

Spoiler favorite quote:

“Please. Not again. We can’t make it through this if you walk away again.”

“You didn’t give me a choice this time, Ben. You showed up in love with someone else. You share another woman’s bed. Your hands touch someone who isn’t me. Your lips make promises against skin that isn’t mine. And no matter who is at fault for that, whether it’s mine for walking away last year or yours for not knowing I did it for your own good, none of it changes things. It is what it is.”

Read: November 14, 2015

Rating: 4.5 Stars