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Psy-Changeling Season 1 by Nalini Singh (Part 1)


Slave to Sensation


Sascha Duncan’s Silence never did took hold and now twenty-six years later, her mind is in the brink of breaking. She dream and feel and she cannot hide it any longer. Her only choice is to break out of the PsyNet and die or turn herself over the Council and rehabilitate. That is, until she met the alpha of DarkRiver leopard changeling, Lucas Hunter. Lucas tries to infiltrate the Psy in order to find the serial killer responsible for the murders of young chanrling women. Unbeknownst to him, Sascha may be a cardinal Psy but her powers never manifested, thus having no position in the Council. Will Sascha help the changeling in bringing down one of her own people? Or would her loyalty to her people outweigh her feeling for a certain panther?

What a perfect book to start a series! I love everything about this book. It was so different, so diverse, so brilliant! You wouldn’t get bored. It is not only centered on Lucas and Sascha’s love story. There’s a matter of a serial killer on the loose and the Council. I love the political issues. I never thought I’d say that ever, but I love it! It was exciting and thrilling. I also love the other characters, especially Lucas’ sentinels. I can’t wait to hear their stories. Gah, this book is a royal package of feels!

 “I wish I’d been born in another time, another place. Then maybe I could’ve escaped fate . . . maybe I could’ve been your darling.”

I love Lucas and Sascha together. They made my heart ache so bad I cried. Their scorchingly-hot chemistry didn’t hurt either though. I love how much of an alpha Lucas is. It was so hot; he made it to my fictional boyfriend list, lol. I also love Sascha even if she’s so stubborn she almost made our ship sink. I guess it was inevitable to love her because along the way her true designation was revealed.

I absolutely adore happy endings that made sense. I’ve read some books that tried to make miracles happen like rain, it never succeeded. I honestly didn’t expect a HEA for these two because their love is just so heartbreaking. They’re from different races and all. I loved how it all turned out in the end.

Read: February 17, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Visions of Heat


As the most powerful F-Psy in her generation, Faith Nightstar knew that her chance of succumbing to madness is only a matter of time… especially after nights of feeling darkness and terror in her mind. With the news of her sister’s murder, she risk leaving the safety haven of her compound to seek the guidance of Sascha Duncan in the heart of changeling leopard’s territory. Being captured by the jaguar, Vaughn D’Angelo, was not part of the plan. It is not only battle of minds and hearts that awaits in the horizon. Will Faith fight to maintain her conditioning under silence? Or would she surrender in the arms of a changeling only to battle his own darkness?

The dynamics of this series is really astounding! Every turn of the page I’m holding my breath because there may be new revelations since our Psy is a Foreseer. It was so cool! I also find the history of Silence fascinating. The history is so vast; I don’t think it would ever end. I’m hungry for more details about the Mercury, Adelejas and the Arrows!

“Human women have been slapping men for being bastards for centuries. You were doing what comes naturally.”

I truly find Vaughn’s character interesting. The dark brooding male who blends in the shadows always caught my eye. I just knew in the first book that this dominant male will not fall short in making us squirm. *wink wink* I absolutely love the mating dance between these two! Gah, the feels. I felt frustration too because like Sascha, Faith took her damn time before accepting her mate! But it builds up some passionately-hot love scenes. I’m blushing just by remembering it.

I was truly shocked by Anthony’s character. I didn’t expect that to happen at the end but I love it! I think only few could’ve known the complexity behind Anthony… which makes him more interesting for the rest of the series. It just keeps on getting better and better. I foresee more complicated plot twist ahead and I cannot wait!

Read: February 18, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Caressed by Ice


After the traumatic experience under Councilor Enrique’s hands, Brenna Kincaid no longer bear wounds and bruises but for the dream-visions that’s making her think she’s gonna go insane. She also hasn’t forgotten that Enrique had some help in her abduction and this individual threatens to shatter whatever peace she managed to build. These were not the only threats Brenna sees in the future but also her growing desire to the former Arrow, Judd Lauren. For those who had deadly abilities like Judd, Silence was the answer. He can’t afford to break free if it means harming his family. But with the persistent danger coming Brenna’s way, can Judd suppress his urges to protect her? Will Brenna accept the chances that Judd cannot break from Silence?

I admit that I didn’t expect the third book to be about Judd and Brenna. Looking back, they both made huge impressions on the first two books. But I thought the sentinels of DarkRiver would have their turns first before jumping to the SnowDancers but I love it! It gave us a chance to see how the wolves worked and look out for more juicy stories.

 “Aren‘t you going to get up?”
He put a hand on the curve of her hip, a possessive gesture that had already become
“No. Let‘s have more sex.”

Gah! Judd Lauren is something else. I never thought I’d ever fall in love with a Psy, let alone an Arrow. The feels people, the motherfucking feels! My gosh, my ovaries exploded! He is different from an alpha male and changeling but this male knows the moves to leave women panting after him. He’s probably my #1 love for this series! I am in awe with Brenna. She survived so much and managed to find love. I love that she never backed down and gave up. She kicked life’s ass, blow after blow. Go girl power!

This series really packs all the kinds of feels there is. Judd and Brenna’s story is like a roller coaster ride. There were so many ups and downs, I couldn’t keep my head straight sometimes. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I love the hurt, disappointment, betrayal, deception along with the positive feelings and happenings.

Read: February 19, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

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Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson


The Final Empire


Ash fell from the sky.

The world is dark and dangerous. After a thousand years under the regime of the tyrannical Lord Ruler, a revolution like no other has risen. The end of the empire falls in the hands of a criminal mastermind and his fledgling Mistborn. Would they succeed to free their people? Or would they be crushed under the power of the Lord Ruler?

There’s always another secret.”

This book gave the most brilliant mind games ever. Seriously, when you think you’ve figured out what will happen you’ll be proven wrong. I’ve never read anything like this. I think that’s the edge of this book. It wasn’t enough that it created a world of magic by ‘burning’ metals but it made readers question every little detail. I love the changing of POVs because it didn’t give away important secrets. It was written so carefully, so meticulously that I was blindsided like the rest of the crew. It was so brilliant! I thought I was gonna be bored because it was soooooo long but a lot of things happened! I cannot even… the feeeeels!

I didn’t expect the plan. I didn’t expect the Lord Ruler’s true origins. I didn’t expect that character to be changed like that. Most of all, I didn’t expect this character to die! Well, at first I did. I was so confident that this character will die but then something happened that made me think otherwise. I started thinking that Brandon Sanderson changed his mind and mapped out a longer route for this character. But then he did die. And I’m so angry. I cannot believe this is happening again. My favorite character died. Why must you do this?

I love how different and complex the characters are. I love the crew. I love Kelsier. He and his crazy plans! My golly. But it was amazing how he held it all together. He never gave up. He never lose hope. I admit that I didn’t like Vin much. For a heroine, she could be really dense at times. I was so very confuse for her ever changing personality. One minute she trusts this, then the next she doesn’t. She had a hard time making up her mind and it made me doubt her dedication to overthrow the empire. I didn’t expect for Elend Venture to have a major role. I thought he’s just passing infatuation of Vin. I can’t comprehend how they’ll work together as a team in the future. Well, I guess I better get on the next book!

Read: June 19, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Well of Ascension


The Lord Ruler was defeated… but so was Kelsier. In return, the skaa were free and the job to build a better power structure lies in Vin and Elend Venture’s hands. Vin’s still mourning but three armies ready to seize Luthadel is more important. Despite having the crew and her Mistborn power, it’s not enough to defeat the enemies but could an ancient legend be their salvation? Could Vin and Elend find the Well of Ascension before it’s too late? Or would this war be more bloody that the last?

“It’s easy to believe in something when you win all the time… The losses are what define a man’s faith.”


I can’t believe what happened. I really thought we’re gonna have a happy ending with minimal deaths. Actually, I didn’t expect there to be a war at all. I thought the trouble will just be about establishing a more effective and efficient regime than of the Lord Ruler’s. I was also thinking that maybe Vin will have another love interest. I should’ve known that nothing will ever come easy with this trilogy.

It was amazing how the characters worked and continue to grow after everything that happened. Elend proved to be more than a pretty face. I love the changes in him but I find his insecurities from Kelsier frustrating. A part of me understands but I hate it all the same. Vin continues to irritate me. She was so lost but the time passed seemed to have no effect on her. There were times that she’s still the street urchin who trusts no one.

Despite all of their victories, they were doomed to fail. I couldn’t help but shake my head after it was done. We were all fooled. I honestly didn’t see it coming. There were parts that were so confusing; it didn’t make any sense at all. I had a hard time accepting what happened to Zane. I found him endearing and he was also fooled in the end. I didn’t expect Marsh’s participation in the end. I was like, ‘what the fuck man?’ There were so many plot twists and I feel like this whole trilogy is like a huge PLAN.

Read: June 21, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

The Hero of Ages


For the conclusion of the most anticipated trilogy, Vin and Elend Venture must stop the evil they released that seek to destroy the world no matter what it takes. The Inquistors and koloss are back in the command of Ruin. As Vin and Elend tries to find clues on how to survive and defeat Ruin, they couldn’t seem to stop the world from imploding. The mist kills. The ash falls more quickly. The crops were scarce. Could Vin, Elend and the crew form a plan that would save their lives once again? Or is it really time for the world to cease to exist?

“He was just determined. He always said that laughter was something the Lord Ruler couldn’t take from him. He planned and executed the overthrow of a thousand-year empire—and he did it as a kind of . . . penance for letting his wife die thinking that he hated her. But, he did it all with a smirk on his lips. Like every joke was his way of slapping fate in the face.”


Looking back, it all made sense now.

From the very beginning every death, every sacrifice, every triumph was all part of some grand plan. I understand now why Zane kept hearing things in the second book. There were two kind of mists that Vin saw and to realize who they were is just wow. The logic behind the dangerous mist was so amazing. It was actually obvious now but it’s just brilliant. It was sickening to find out how koloss were made. (My golly, I cannot.) It was astounding how smart the Lord Ruler was for keeping the atium safe. Also, it was shocking to know what atium really is. And lastly, the goddamn Hero of Ages was finally revealed and I didn’t expect who it was! Reading the prophecy again, I just want to slap myself. I can’t believe I was so oblivious.

This book is just so perfect. I loved it! There was no unfinished business for our crew. All the questions left unanswered in the previous books were explained. But that ending! How could you give us this kind of ending? Where is the happy ever after for everyone? After everything Vin and Elend sacrificed, this is how they were repaid. A part of me can understand but noooooooo. Why must there be death until the end? We can’t just defeat the bad guy and get on with it.

Brandon Sanderson delivers a trilogy that readers would never tire of reading all over again. It’s not a just a fantasy novel to defeat evil. For every turn of page, every last chapter, every plot twist, everything was written so brilliantly. You’d never really see a thing coming. It was like a domino effect once the idea started, windows open for more paths to be taken. It was really such an honor to read a book like this.

Read: June 22, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

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BOOK EXCERPT: Carve the Mark

Carve the Mark

Chapter 7

The first time I saw the Kereseth brothers, it was from the servants’ passageway that ran alongside the Weapons Hall. I was several seasons older, fast approaching adulthood.

My father had joined my mother in the afterlife just a few seasons prior, killed in an attack during our last sojourn. My brother, Ryzek, was now walking the path our father had set for him, the path toward Shotet legitimacy. Maybe even Shotet dominance.

My former tutor, Otega, had been the first to tell me about the Kereseths, because the servants in our house were whispering the story over the pots and pans in the kitchen, and she always told me of the servants’ whispers.

“They were taken by your brother’s steward, Vas,” she said to me as she checked my essay for grammatical errors. She still taught me literature and science, but I had outstripped her in my other subjects, and now studied on my own as she returned to managing our kitchens. “And Vas dragged them across the Divide kicking and screaming, to hear the others tell of it. But the younger one—Akos—escaped his bonds, somehow, stole a blade, and turned it against one of Vas’s soldiers.”

“Which one?” I asked. I knew the men Vas traveled with. Knew how one liked candy, another had a weak left shoulder, and yet another had trained a pet bird to eat treats from his mouth. It was good to know such things about people. Just in case.

“Kalmev Radix.”

The candy lover, then.

I raised my eyebrows. Kalmev Radix, one of my brother’s trusted elite, had been killed by a Thuvhesit boy? That was not an honorable death.

“Why were the brothers taken?” I asked her.

“Their fates.” Otega waggled her eyebrows. “Or so the story goes. And since their fates are, evidently, unknown by all but Ryzek, it is quite the story.”

I didn’t know the fates of the Kereseth boys, or any but mine and Ryzek’s, though they had been broadcast a few days ago on the Assembly news feed. Ryzek had cut the news feed within moments of the Assembly Leader coming on screen. The Assembly Leader had given the announcement in Othyrian, and though the speaking and learning of all languages but Shotet had been banned in our country for over ten seasons, it was still better to be safe.

My father had told me my own fate after my currentgift manifested, with little ceremony: The second child of the family Noavek will cross the Divide. A strange fate for a favored daughter, but only because it was so dull.

I didn’t wander the servants’ passages that often anymore—there were things happening in this house I didn’t want to see—but to catch a glimpse of the kidnapped Kereseths … well. I had to make an exception.

All I knew about the Thuvhesit people—apart from the fact that they were our enemies—was they had thin skin, easy to pierce with a blade, and they overindulged in iceflowers, the lifeblood of their economy. I had learned their language at my mother’s insistence—the Shotet elite were exempt from my father’s prohibitions against language learning, of course—and it was hard on my tongue, which was used to harsh, strong Shotet sounds instead of the hushed, quick Thuvhesit ones.

I knew Ryzek would have the Kereseths taken to the Weapons Hall, so I crouched in the shadows and slid the wall panel back, leaving myself just a crack to see through, when I heard footsteps.

The room was like all the others in Noavek manor, the walls and floor made of dark wood so polished it looked like it was coated in a film of ice. Dangling from the distant ceiling was an elaborate chandelier made of glass globes and twisted metal. Tiny fenzu insects fluttered inside it, casting an eerie, shifting light over the room. The space was almost empty, all the floor cushions—balanced on low wooden stands, for comfort—gathering dust, so their cream color turned gray. My parents had hosted parties in here, but Ryzek used it only for people he meant to intimidate.

I saw Vas, my brother’s steward, before anyone else. The long side of his hair was greasy and limp, the shaved side red with razor burn. Beside him shuffled a boy, much smaller than I was, his skin a patchwork of bruises. He was narrow through the shoulders, spare and short. He had fair skin, and a kind of wary tension in his body, like he was bracing himself.

Muffled sobs came from behind him, where a second boy, with dense, curly hair, stumbled along. He was taller and broader than the first Kereseth, but cowering, so he almost appeared smaller.

These were the Kereseth brothers, the fate-favored children of their generation. Not an impressive sight.

My brother waited for them across the room, his long body draped over the steps that led to a raised platform. His chest was covered with armor, but his arms were bare, displaying a line of kill marks that went all the way up the back of his forearm. They had been deaths ordered by my father, to counteract any rumors about my brother’s weakness that might have spread among the lower classes. He held a small currentblade in his right hand, and every few seconds he spun it in his palm, always catching it by the handle. In the bluish light, his skin was so pale he looked almost like a corpse.

He smiled when he saw his Thuvhesit captives, his teeth showing. He could be handsome when he smiled, my brother, even if it meant he was about to kill you.

He leaned back, balancing on his elbows, and cocked his head.

“My, my,” he said. His voice was deep and scratchy, like he had just spent the night screaming at the top of his lungs.

This is the one I’ve heard so many stories about?” Ryzek nodded to the bruised Kereseth boy. He spoke Thuvhesit crisply. “The Thuvhesit boy who earned a mark before we even got him on a ship?” He laughed.

I squinted at the bruised one’s arm. There was a deep cut on the outside of his arm next to the elbow, and a streak of blood that had run between his knuckles and dried there. A kill mark, unfinished. A very new one, belonging, if the rumors were true, to Kalmev Radix. This was Akos, then, and the snuffling one was Eijeh.

“Akos Kereseth, the third child of the family Kereseth.” Ryzek stood, spinning his knife on his palm, and walked down the steps. He dwarfed even Vas. He was like a regular-size man stretched taller and thinner than he was supposed to be, his shoulders and hips too narrow to bear his own height.

I was tall, too, but that was where my physical similarities with my brother ended. It wasn’t uncommon for Shotet siblings to look dissimilar, given how blended our blood was, but we were more distinct than most.

The boy—Akos—lifted his eyes to Ryzek’s. I had first seen the name “Akos” in a Shotet history book. It had belonged to a religious leader, a cleric who had taken his life rather than dishonor the current by holding a currentblade. So this Thuvhesit boy had a Shotet name. Had his parents simply forgotten its origins? Or did they want to honor some long-forgotten Shotet blood?

“Why are we here?” Akos said hoarsely, in Shotet.

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NEW BOOK: Carve the Mark

After one of the most astounding trilogy, Veronica Roth brings us Carve the Mark, the first book in her new duet–which will be released on January 1, 2017. Fan of Star Wars and Divergent will surely enjoy this Sci-Fi/Dystopian duet.

Carve the Mark

On a planet where violence and vengeance rule, in a galaxy where some are favored by fate, everyone develops a current gift, a unique power meant to shape the future. While most benefit from their current gifts, Akos and Cyra do not — their gifts make them vulnerable to others’ control. Can they reclaim their gifts, their fates, and their lives, and reset the balance of power in this world?

Cyra is the sister of the brutal tyrant who rules the Shotet people. Cyra’s current gift gives her pain and power — something her brother exploits, using her to torture his enemies. But Cyra is much more than just a blade in her brother’s hand: she is resilient, quick on her feet, and smarter than he knows.

Akos is from the peace-loving nation of Thuve, and his loyalty to his family is limitless. Though protected by his unusual current gift, once Akos and his brother are captured by enemy Shotet soldiers, Akos is desperate to get his brother out alive — no matter what the cost. When Akos is thrust into Cyra’s world, the enmity between their countries and families seems insurmountable. They must decide to help each other to survive — or to destroy one another.

© EW

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JUNE 2016


WHITE HOT HACK (Kate & Ian #2)


I admit I didn’t like how the first book ended. I had loads of fun and tears but the ending was meh for me. I’m still excited for new life of Kate and Ian, so I cannot wait to dig my claws in this.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.



If you loved Brady Maxwell from the Record series, Clay Maxwell will not fail to heat up those sheets!

I’ve been waiting for this book forevah! I love Brad but there’s just something with Clay that makes me want to tame him. I just know that I will love this book like all the rest of K.A. Linde.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


ALLEGIANCE OF HONOR (Psy-Changeling #15)


Another Psy-Changeling novel! Gah, I cannot get enough of this series!

I am so excited to meet new characters. And the pupcubs! Those adorable babies will be enough to give this book a 5 star rating.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

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Origins by Ilona Andrews



I feel so betrayed. I thought this would be a novella for a series. As it turned out, it’s a short story that was previously published in an anthology.

Karina Tucker was on the road taking a little detour from the field trip route with the kids when monsters came for her. She awoke in a new world with no means of going home. The little ray of sunshine, which is having her daughter safe, was being threatened to be ripped away for her if she didn’t uphold her end of the bargain. She would be a donor and endure the pain as her means of earning her keep. But little did they know that slave they rescued will be their salvation.

I was so immersed in this new world Ilona Andrews has created. I was so very excited to see what will happen next now that our heroine, Karina Tucker, has unleashed her true self to the world. I was actually thinking that the first book would be the story of her daughter. Her mostly human daughter in the midst of sub-species with different abilities. How will she survive and be the best and all that. *sigh* Unfortunately, it is not the case. Still, I can’t help hoping and dreaming for the this new story to unfold.

Here’s to hoping for a new series!

Read: May 1, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

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Divergent Trilogy by Veronica Roth




Okaaay, I have to read the first few chapters twice before I got the hang of it. I was on the verge of giving up on the book like all the piles of my to-reads together with Delirium, but resisted and was tempted by Four. Imagining the dystopian setting is a little hard because they are way advance but at the same time things are pretty simple too.

After a great war, five factions were formed to restore peace: Abnegation, Amity, Candor, Dauntless and Erudite. The Abnegation faction is the one who rule the city since they’re selfless. They wear gray clothes, cut their hair the same way every few months and live simply. Amity are all the friendly people, advocating peace and all that. They wear bright colors like red, orange and yellow. They’re also responsible for planting crops. Candor does not lie and they’re like the judge. They see everything in black and white, that’s why their clothes are black and white. (Kinda remind me of Men In Black actually.) Dauntless guards the fence surrounding the city. They wear black clothes and most of them have piercing and tattoos. Lastly, the Erudite are the braniacs. They wear blue clothes.

I see Beatrice Prior as a very strong character. She showed different personalities in various situations that I can truly relate. I think most people would appreciate that Tris is also making mistakes even if we want to shake her saying, “You stupid, stupid girl!” It goes without saying that even the heroine is not perfect. Every character must have a flaw so that readers will be able to relate more. Oh and Four, who couldn’t fall in love with you? I like brooding and mysterious men. Four being a slightly older is just a bonus. He’s an enigma from the start. I’m sure we’re all shipping the two or just wanting him for ourselves. Okay, aside from being gorgeous, Four is the knight in shining armor not because he’s a prince but more of a warrior. He eventually showed the passionate and protective side of him.

The twist of the story was unexpected, well it is for me. The deaths of some characters are truly gut-wrenching. I shed a few tears myself. It was really a horrible feeling because this is only the first book and there are already a handful of deaths, what more for the remaining two books? However, I think it is necessary to get the right reaction from the readers. If you’re planning to read this book, you need to have Insurgent right away because it is a cliff-hanger.

P.S. The movie is out. Personally, I didn’t like it because there are a lot of alterations and I cannot feel it. It was so apathetic for me. I think I need to watch it a few more times to get the feels.

Read: May 10, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars



I really thought this book won’t meet my expectations. You think that Divergent is a cliff hanger, well this is book is so much more. You’ll need Allegiant right away. I love that Ms. Roth doesn’t feel the need to add a love triangle in the story. I believe this is the first I’ve read without the girl having to choose between two boys. It is refreshing! Here we’ll be able to learn more about the different factions (namely Candor and Amity) and even the factionless.

In Tris, it was showed how some people may handle the death of someone they love. Guilt is what drove people to do things that are out of norm. I don’t think this is a justification for her to do the things she did. She’s a Dauntless now, and she didn’t appear to be brave. The Abnegation side of her is still showing. I think this is what being a Divergent means (to have a multiple personality, just kidding). Poor Four got his hands full. I feel so bad for him because of the secrets that were revealed regarding his family. Of course, there should always be problems and secrets so that the characters will show different personalities and emotions and we’ll all sympathize.

Insurgent is like Divergent times two. There are more twist and deaths. I don’t think I’ve ever encounter an author that is capable to kill so much people in a trilogy. God, I don’t think I’ve ever been invested so fast to characters before. This book made me cry too. You’ll need tissues right beside you while reading this, just saying.

P.S. After watching the movie, I was like, ‘WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?!’

Read: May 10, 2013

Rating: 4 Stars

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