Contemporary Romance, Horror, New Adult

Red Hill by Jamie McGuire


Red Hill


West on Highway 11
On our way to heaven
North on Highway 123.
123? 123!
Cross the border.
That’s an order!
Left at the white tower.
So Mom can clean the doctor’s shower.
Left at the cemetery.
Creepy…and scary!
First right!
That’s right!
Red! Hill! Roooooooad

 I am not a fan of zombies. May it be a movie, tv series or books. The fact that Jamie McGuire wrote this didn’t add any appeal at all. Zombies were second on my irrational list of fears. Without the encouragement of a dear friend of mine, I don’t think I would ever read Red Hill. She promised me that I would love this regardless. I don’t think she promised me anything about not being scared but it would be pointless anyway because I know I would still have nightmares over these zombies.

Scarlet was fighting everyday to raise her two daughters, Jenna and Halle. Nathan was struggling in his marriage and the only thing tethering him is his daughter, Zoe. Miranda was debating the usefulness of her VW Bug as she make an escape from college with her sister, Ashley, and their boyfriends, Bryce and Cooper respectively. Watch as our character’s lives intertwined as they struggle to survive the zombie apocalypse with their self intact.

I didn’t know it was possible for Jamie McGuire to make zombie apocalypse be a sob-worthy book. I shouldn’t have doubted her. Jesus, I don’t know how many times my heart broke with every unexpected death that came. It was like my unsusceptible favorite characters were on the death row just waiting for the axe to come down. This book gave new meaning to calm before the storm because I actually didn’t expect a lot of them dying when they should be safe and sound in the Red Hill. I love all the characters. Their different and clashing personalities were so essential to make the book so alive. It was not only the thrill and suspense of the chase against the zombies but also the feelings of falling in and out love a couple of times for the first times. The reunions between families were so heartbreaking also.

Read: January 20, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Among Monsters


Jamie McGuire continues to make her readers laugh and cry, hope and loss, and love and hate with this new astonishing novella accompanying Red Hill. This novella features Scarlett’s daughters’ journey to the safe haven of Red Hill. Together with their father, Andrew, Jenna and Halle wade their way against the herds of zombies.


Jamie McGuire didn’t fail to make me cry once again! I didn’t know it was possible to read more gut-wrenching stories behind Red Hill. The zombie apocalypse didn’t only bring destruction to our characters’ lives but also a chance to redeem themselves. A chance to forgive long ago wounds. A chance to be a family again. I feel for Jenna, for doing things she doesn’t want to but have to… to ensure the safety of the people she cares about. At such a young age, she made decisions that no girl should be worrying about. It was not only the physical wounds that could attest Jenna’s standing as a survivor but also her emotional and mental scars. I am in awe of her. I don’t think I could survive a zombie apocalypse even if I have the right tools. Seriously, I felt like a proud mama bear to Jenna and Halle through this whole novella.

Read: January 20, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Horror, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

Anna by Kendare Blake


Anna Dressed in Blood


Cas Lowood devoted his young life to killing the dead. Together with his kind-of-a-witch mother and spirit-sniffing cat, Cas skipped town to town trying to rid the world with ghosts killers. Until he met Anna Karlov. Anna Dressed in Blood. Anna who was murdered in 1958. Anna who killed anyone who dared step foot on her old Victorian house. Then why is it that she spares Cas’ life? What could’ve cursed, rage driven Anna saw on our beloved hero?

Anna Dressed in Blood is a horror-love story. Don’t balk on reading this if you’re scared. I was never a fan of reading horror stories, but I braved this! I made it… I can still sleep at night, you know. Anyway, this book is so good; I love it so so much! I shed tears on this!!! Even if there were parts that I want to hide under the bed, Anna and Cas overpowered it!

Here’s a tidbit that will convince you that this book can bring you the feels:

“Don’t go,” I say.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

“Don’t go, ever,” I tease, and she makes a face like she thinks I need a throttling. She kisses me again, and I don’t let go of her mouth; I make her squirm and start to laugh and try to stay serious.

“Let’s just focus on tonight,” she says.

Read: July 15, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars

Girl of Nightmares


After Anna opened the gates of Hell and sacrificed herself to save Cas’ life, Cas was forced to live his life normally. Everyone wanted him to move on and get on his life but it’s not that easy to forget the one girl you fell in love with. Especially when keeps on seeing Anna being tortured. It’s now Cas’ chance to save Anna, and he will do whatever it takes to bring her back. Will our characters finally have their long-awaited HEA?

This book broke me. It. Broke. Me. I can’t believe what happened!!! I was so excited to read this book, because the first one was such a cliffhanger. If this book was never written, I would’ve been okay with it. But with this duet, I feel like I was given a false hope for a happy ever after for Cas and Anna. And I cried! Seriously, the chapter before last will break your heart. God, it was so heartbreakingly beautiful. Only four point five stars for GoN because I found some scenes boring or so hurried introduced. I was expecting more of Anna and Cas actually. But I still love it!

Read: July 17, 2013

Rating: 4.5 Stars