Trophy Wife by Alessandra Torre

Trophy Wife

Trophy Wife

After finishing college with student loans, Candace Tapers’ dream of using her degree goes up to flames when the reality of finding job seemed fruitless. Now, Candace works the pole to make ends meet. Until he met Nathan Dumont. He needed a wife. She needed money. It was a perfect contract but secrets can’t be hidden forever. 

I thought I was trading a strip club for a mansion and Ramen noodles for caviar. I did not realize I was selling my soul to the devil.

I’ve read a lot of Alessandra Torre’s books and Trophy Wife had her style written all over it. It has the perfect mix of romance, eroticism and suspense. I had a hard time putting this book down because every chapter leaves me hanging. Her characters gave off the same feels like the ones in Black Lies. Personally, I don’t think it’s a bad thing. Candace and Nathan were just perfect for this story.

I love how demure and sassy Candace can be. She dealt whatever hand life gave and made grueling choices in expense of her own well-being. Candace may have a few moments but she put her own happiness first in the end. I had mixed feelings regarding Nathan. Was he a knight in a dark horse? Or the villain hiding behind a handsome face? He was so frustrating. One minute I was falling for him, the next I’m plotting all the ways to kill him. I had a hard time forgiving him for what he made Candace do chapter 30. However, my heart cries out to them both at the end. Their love is just so passionately explosive.

I was expecting a more dramatic scene than what happened in chapter 52. My gosh I was so frustrated with them! I want to slap a bitch. It was like the blissfully happy few chapters never happened. I need Nathan’s POV of those moments. I have lots of questions with the other characters. Like, you know, Drew? I’m curious what happened with him after. Nonetheless, I am so incredibly happy I read this book. It is an excellent read if you’re in the mood for some romantic erotica and just curl up in bed.

Read: April 2017

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Red by Tiffany Reisz

The Red


*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Mona Lisa St. James will do anything to fulfill the promise she made in her mother’s deathbed. Anything includes spending a year in the mysterious Malcolm’s bed to save the art gallery, The Red. In every night tryst with Malcolm brought her new experience and and feelings she shouldn’t explore. When the time comes would she able to let go? Or would she be sucked in the world Malcolm showed?

Is it hot in here?

This book is the perfect summer read. Seriously, this is so sizzling hot Mona and Malcolm gave new meaning to erotic fantasy. Their chemistry is off the charts from the very start. I couldn’t put it down, I finished in under three to four hours in one sitting. I don’t think this is what The Original Sinners (TOS)  readers expected but I loved it all the same! I love the art and history in this book. My knowledge of art is not extensive but I didn’t get lost because Ms. Reisz explained a great deal about the artists and the pieces.

Mona changed a great deal. She’s not a prude but she wouldn’t have walked the dark path if she hadn’t met Malcolm. It was interesting to watch her cave and let society’s conventions be damned. She was stronger and more confident than they first met. Malcolm Fitzroy is the best English rake I ever met. He is not only wholly inappropriate but totally unrepentant too. He played a lot of games without a care in the world but his desires. If only all men were that straight forward to what they want, women wouldn’t have to trouble with playing game with the heart.

The ending kinda blindsided me. I was expecting a very different ending for Mona and Malcolm. I mean, I fell in love with Malcolm so it’s fair to say that I want a happy ending for all. Actually, I didn’t expect the mystery behind everything about Malcolm. But he is a cheeky bastard, he lined up all his ducks in the end. I got over it pretty quickly once I saw the fun and hilarious (and HOT) side of it. I should know better than expect a conventional story from Tiffany Reisz.

There you go, I can’t say more or I’m gonna spoil you guys. I want to talk about another character, but I’m not sure if I’m allowed to because it will be a spoiler too. Anyway, The Red is coming on July 11, 2017. Don’t forget to pre-order!

Read: April 23, 2017

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Struck from the Record by K.A. Linde

Struck from the Record


If there’s anything that has been constant in Clay Maxwell’s life it was Andrea Billings. They’ve been in an open relationship for over a decade but one incident might lead to the end of them. Would Clay let go of the girl who had been there for every ups and downs? Or would he risk opening his heart and claim his love?

“I don’t want to tame him. I like him the way he is – wild and mine.”

This book is absolutely beautiful. It was everything I hoped and wanted it to be. Every wrong turn in their relationship just hurts so good. I can’t even be mad with these two (or you, K.A. Linde!) for putting us through hell because what a journey it was. The writing style is just perfect. It made me wonder a couple times whether Clay and Andrea will ever find their way to one another. Don’t even get me started on their chemistry! These two have been stirring flames since we first saw them together the Record series.

I had a serious case of second lead syndrome over Clay. He’s just the perfect mix of asshole you couldn’t help but fall for. And this book didn’t disappoint. He didn’t turn over a new leaf overnight. He made tons of mistakes and wrong decisions but it paid off in the end. Andrea still has her bitchy attitude and I loved it. She didn’t become a goody-two shoes just because she found love. I think that’s what made this book so good. They’re were not saint when it began and ended but that makes them more real.

How come Brady and Liz get to have 3 books?

I want more. Clay and Andrea can have more adventures. The happy and sexy kind of adventures, I mean. Can’t we have a bonus material? Or even better, a novella? Pretty please? Lol, but seriously I need more of these two.

Read: June 20, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

Red Kings MC by Emma Kendrick



*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Reeves, along with her best friend Tyler Davis, tried to escape the violent city life only to fall in the clutches of the notorious Red Kings MC. Being caught in the dangerous world of drugs and guns is bad enough, but being attracted to Dean Rockwell, one of the MC’s enforcers, is much worse. Could Jackie save Tyler and herself from the muddy waters of the underground with her heart intact? Or would she drown and be lost deeper in Dean’s arms?

This is what I do! I hurt people. I always have and I always will. I’m not just a little short-tempered or aggressive. I fucking kill people. It’s my job and I like it.”

I have read a lot of MC books. I’ve read stories that would seriously make me sick and cry (like Tillie Cole’s Hades Hangmen series) or make me fall in love so fast (like Kristen Ashley’s Chaos series). All these created very high expectations. Strays’ synopsis really drew me in. I expected a lot of things that didn’t quite happen. I was expecting to see more of the illegal business of the MC. I think it would be better to show the readers what you want to say instead of telling it. I think it would’ve help the world-building for some who haven’t read anything biker romance.

However, I liked reading tame biker romances like this. It was not the dark romance I was expecting but there is a certain beauty in the story that surprised me. I love Emma Kendrick writing style. The third POV didn’t spoil the story much. I loved Jackie and Dean together. It was not an insta-love which added lots of bonus points for me. I would go as far as it being an intense slow-building that makes they’re chemistry go to the roof. There’s more to the story than Jackie and Dean. The other characters are interesting as well because they’re not just background characters. I hope we’ll see more of character-building in the next books though.

I highly recommend this book for readers who want to start in the biker world. You’ll love and enjoy it!

Read: March 20, 2017

Rating: 3.5 Stars

Touching Down by Nicole Williams

Touching Down

Touching Down


Everybody knew Grant Turner. He is a football star, adored not only by the fans but also the media. But Grant has a piece of him that people doesn’t know about. Ryan Hale. The only girl who knew the darkest of his past. The girl he fell and fought for. The girl who left without a backward glance and came back seven years later with the news that will bring ‘The Invincible Man’ to his knees.

I know I didn’t make the right choice. I know that now, years later. But that’s the thing about hindsight–you don’t realize you screwed up until after the fact.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Nicole Williams is one hell of a writer. This book has so much hurt to deliver. I thought this would be a cliché second-chance romance. I thought Grant will be the womanizing manwhore because Ryan left him high and dry. I thought they’ll reconnect and Grant’s career will create a rift in their relationship but they’ll fight past it and have a happy fucking ending.


I don’t know how I could love Grant more. This man remained standing tall and strong, blow after blow. Having Ryan back in his life was one of the most bittersweet reunions you’ll ever read. You would probably yell foul by how Ryan left Grant but there’s a reason why Ryan made an appearance in Grant’s life again. It was a reason that many could’ve guessed but I never expected. I was totally blindsided. I shouldn’t be really surprised anymore after reading some of Nicole William’s work but can’t we just have a love story that wouldn’t rip our hearts out chapter by chapter?

I can’t find anything to rant or complain about for this book. It’s not perfect but there’s nothing I want to change. I couldn’t even moan about the ‘miracle’ thing authors did to give a HEA despite how depressing the situation was. I have mixed feels on that one because I it makes me cringe when that happens, when an author forced miraculous things just so they’ll live happily ever after. But all I felt was relief and happiness because our dear characters deserve a happy fucking ending.

It was a story that redeemed my view on ‘cliché’ second-chance romances.

Read: October 17, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

The Debt by Tyler King

The Debt


Josh McKay and Hadley’s lives were intertwined at that foster home when they were kids. They grew to be the best of friends until Josh repaid Hadley for saving his life by leaving her to her worst nightmare. Years had passed, they remained friends that never spoke of that fateful night. Could Josh and Hadley face their pasts in order to have a future together? Or were they destined to go their separate ways?

I can’t promise you a happy ending,” I said, leaning forward with her hand clasped in mine to speak at her ear, “but I can offer you a happy beginning.”

I did not expect how this story went. I thought we were in for just two best friends being in love with each other and fighting/denying it. There were so many layers that the synopsis barely scratched. Tyler King is a first time author for me and I would never regret reading this book. There were lies and secrets that greatly affected our dear characters. I can’t remember the last time I cried in a NA romance standalone. There’s just so much hurt in this book.

I don’t hate or love Josh and Hadley. I love them together but I was so frustrated with them. I was really falling for Josh because of how much he loves Hadley. He had a tortured past and its destroying the best thing that ever happen to him. However, there were times that Josh could be a real asshole. He makes the worse decisions when he’s hurt and/or angry. Hadley didn’t have an easy childhood either. I was liking her character but she’s so conflicting. I understand that she loves Josh but there were limits with how much you shit you should/could take. She’s not really a doormat but she fights mean when it’s uncalled for. These two did a good job in making my head explode but when they’re together, they just clicked. I had so much fun reading them even if it came to the parts the hurts so good.

I absolutely adore this book but I wanted a different ending. The ending was sweet but I wanted more. It felt like they were fighting half of the book, a quarter for some good sex and suddenly it’s the end. It was so cliché for them to have this huge argument then something really bad happened which makes making up happen just like that. We were only down for five more chapters and it was just not enough. Nonetheless, this is still a favorite of mine. It was good combination of romance, angst and witty banters.

Read: October 21, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars

Underworld Series by Chani Lynn Feener



*ARC provides in exchanged of honest review*


Spencer Perry would do anything to have Micah back into her life. Anything includes making a deal with the devil himself. Spencer barters six months of living in the Underworld in exchanged for her boyfriend’s life. Little did Spencer know that nothing would ever be the same. Will Spencer live through the consequences of her actions? Or would she be lured by a certain devil like Persephone did?

“Your existence hinders on no one but yourself. Only you can write your destiny. Fate is a mere parlour trick designed to coax you into believing otherwise. There is always a choice.”

I’ve been fascinated with Greek mythology since high school which made me sign up for a copy of Unhinged. I’ve never read a modern retelling of Hades and Persephone’s ‘love story’. It’s probably because Hades was the bad guy no one cared about. Or because he doesn’t have much cool tricks like Zeus and Poseidon. I was familiar with different versions of that ‘love story’ so I was expecting a little twist that would make this story unique.

I love the differences Chani Lynn Feener did. She changed a huge chunk of what we already knew and created a whole new concept. I love the diversity of this book. It was so refreshing to read new ideas and perspectives. I love the characters, though I had a hard time liking Spencer. Her personality varies so much. One minute she’s this tough girl and the next she’s swallowing her words. And I can’t stand how much she loves Micah. It’s probably because all I can see in Micah was this ghost that wouldn’t rest and move on. Things started to get interesting after we met Hades. I’m such a sucker for the bad guys. And the feels! Imagine spending twelve hours every day for a year with this guy… I know right?

I would’ve given this book a higher rating but it took me a while to get the hang of it. I think the world building could use a little more work. Not everyone knows the ins and outs of Greek mythology which could lead to some confused readers. I had this vision of Hades being the epitome of sin given that he ruled the Underworld, so I didn’t expect him to look like an eighteen year old guy. I gather that this is a YA Fantasy but I think we could’ve pushed him to be at least twenty years old. Despite all that, this is a really good read especially for those who loves Greek Mythology (like I do)!

Read: November 25, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars