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A Bit of Adulting

I haven’t posted anything for one week and two days.

I promise I had good reasons. It was such a busy and painful week so, I’ll just break it down for you.

April 22 (Saturday): Mother had a vacation planned with her friends leaving me and my brother to fend for ourselves till Sunday night. I decided to do the groceries using my own money (I know I’m so proud of myself for pitching in, lol). I bought snacks, candies, instant noodles and canned goods.  It was so unhealthy but it was the weekend and I’m not in the mood to cook anything. And we can just order out, you know. Also, The Originals was on that night. I just slept after watching it.

April 23 (Sunday): I finished my ARC of The Red by Tiffany Reisz. I loved it! I was drafting my review but the internet started acting up and I decided to get a break from it. My brother and I were bored so we decided to clean the house and do some laundry.

April 24 (Monday): I’m really planning on posting something but my tabby cat gave birth to five kitties! I was so worried because she’s been pregnant forever. I’m just happy that they’re all healthy and mommma cat is so damn protective, I can’t get a pic of those babies. Anyway, that distracted me the whole day.

April 25 (Tuesday): My friends asked me out to lunch. I haven’t seen them in almost two months so I jump right ahead. They’re so busy with school and even though I feel left out sometimes I just lend them my ear when they feel like ranting. I can’t say I know or understand what they’re feeling and going through but I’ll always be there to support and uplift them.

April 26 (Wednesday): This is just a lazy day. Didn’t have the energy to do anything but lounge in bed after work and wait for The Flash. And of course, eat lotsa food.

April 27 (Thursday): I went out with my high school friends. Shoot the shit and everything. I haven’t seen the some of them for two years. Growing up sucks sometimes. Anyway, I went home late so couldn’t really post anything.

April 28-30 (Friday – Sunday): I woke up feeling shit last Friday. Wisdom tooth sucks. Basically it’s a very shitty weekend. I didn’t do anything but lay in bed and writhe in pain.

May 1 (Monday): What a way to start the month. I had freaking allergies! My two best friends and I were planning a virtual drinking session but my nose won’t stop sneezing and running. My gahd, it totally ruined my day but I still had fun with them so there’s that.

I’m feeling fine now. Nose is on good condition. Body is not itching. Hopefully, I’ll have a great week ahead so I can post more. Wish me best!

Happy reading!

xx Lovs


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