Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Red Kings MC by Emma Kendrick



*ARC provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ Reeves, along with her best friend Tyler Davis, tried to escape the violent city life only to fall in the clutches of the notorious Red Kings MC. Being caught in the dangerous world of drugs and guns is bad enough, but being attracted to Dean Rockwell, one of the MC’s enforcers, is much worse. Could Jackie save Tyler and herself from the muddy waters of the underground with her heart intact? Or would she drown and be lost deeper in Dean’s arms?

This is what I do! I hurt people. I always have and I always will. I’m not just a little short-tempered or aggressive. I fucking kill people. It’s my job and I like it.”

I have read a lot of MC books. I’ve read stories that would seriously make me sick and cry (like Tillie Cole’s Hades Hangmen series) or make me fall in love so fast (like Kristen Ashley’s Chaos series). All these created very high expectations. Strays’ synopsis really drew me in. I expected a lot of things that didn’t quite happen. I was expecting to see more of the illegal business of the MC. I think it would be better to show the readers what you want to say instead of telling it. I think it would’ve help the world-building for some who haven’t read anything biker romance.

However, I liked reading tame biker romances like this. It was not the dark romance I was expecting but there is a certain beauty in the story that surprised me. I love Emma Kendrick writing style. The third POV didn’t spoil the story much. I loved Jackie and Dean together. It was not an insta-love which added lots of bonus points for me. I would go as far as it being an intense slow-building that makes they’re chemistry go to the roof. There’s more to the story than Jackie and Dean. The other characters are interesting as well because they’re not just background characters. I hope we’ll see more of character-building in the next books though.

I highly recommend this book for readers who want to start in the biker world. You’ll love and enjoy it!

Read: March 20, 2017

Rating: 3.5 Stars


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