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NEW SERIES: Crash and Burn Series by Jamie McGuire


You read it right.


A lot of us were left wailing on Beautiful Funeral, the last book for the Maddox Brothers series. It was such a heartbreaking ending for a very beautiful series. However, we have a new series from the some of the characters we met in Beautiful Burn (Maddox Brothers #4). Jamie McGuire brings us TREX, the first in the Crash and Burn series.


Unable to continue working under Thomas Maddox at the San Diego division of the FBI, Scottie “Trex” Trexler finds himself recruited to another government agency in Estes Park, Colorado. He just begins to find peace and feel at home when a runaway bride begins working the front desk of his hotel.

Isn’t exciting?!

For those who don’t have any idea who Trex and the runaway bride are, then you have to read Beautiful Burn (Maddox Brothers #4). We don’t have an official cover and release date yet but Jamie has finished writing it so… we’ll hopefully have it this year. Stay tuned for more updates!

xx Lovs


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