Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Touching Down by Nicole Williams

Touching Down

Touching Down


Everybody knew Grant Turner. He is a football star, adored not only by the fans but also the media. But Grant has a piece of him that people doesn’t know about. Ryan Hale. The only girl who knew the darkest of his past. The girl he fell and fought for. The girl who left without a backward glance and came back seven years later with the news that will bring ‘The Invincible Man’ to his knees.

I know I didn’t make the right choice. I know that now, years later. But that’s the thing about hindsight–you don’t realize you screwed up until after the fact.

I’ve said it before, but I’ll say it again: Nicole Williams is one hell of a writer. This book has so much hurt to deliver. I thought this would be a cliché second-chance romance. I thought Grant will be the womanizing manwhore because Ryan left him high and dry. I thought they’ll reconnect and Grant’s career will create a rift in their relationship but they’ll fight past it and have a happy fucking ending.


I don’t know how I could love Grant more. This man remained standing tall and strong, blow after blow. Having Ryan back in his life was one of the most bittersweet reunions you’ll ever read. You would probably yell foul by how Ryan left Grant but there’s a reason why Ryan made an appearance in Grant’s life again. It was a reason that many could’ve guessed but I never expected. I was totally blindsided. I shouldn’t be really surprised anymore after reading some of Nicole William’s work but can’t we just have a love story that wouldn’t rip our hearts out chapter by chapter?

I can’t find anything to rant or complain about for this book. It’s not perfect but there’s nothing I want to change. I couldn’t even moan about the ‘miracle’ thing authors did to give a HEA despite how depressing the situation was. I have mixed feels on that one because it makes me cringe when that happens, when an author forced miraculous things just so they’ll live happily ever after. But all I felt was relief and happiness because our dear characters deserve a happy fucking ending.

It was a story that redeemed my view on ‘cliché’ second-chance romances.

Read: October 17, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


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