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Coming Home


Oh. My. God.

It feels so good to be back.

A lot has happened in the three months (holy crap right?!) I’ve been gone. I picked up a lot of hobbies that occupied my readless nights. I started watching Korean dramas (like TV series), which is the shit here in the Philippines nowadays. The stories in those K-dramas actually reminded me of books because the story line and characters is not something I’ve watched every day. It is rare for them to have a season two no matter how much viewers starve for another and I think that’s beautiful. If you’re interested, here’s some that made me cry and fall in love:


Also, I started watching some Youtubers. I was just looking for Conor Maynard’s songs and the next thing I know I’m watching prank after prank by Joe Sugg. It was so hilarious! However, I didn’t realize how time consuming it was. I feel like only five minutes have passed when it’s actually two hours. Did that stop me? Lol, of course not. But I’m cutting back because I just missed reading and reviewing books so much.

Subscribe to them, they’re amazing!

Thatcher Joe:

And here I am.

I was really planning on staring up the blog again last month but I caught German measles. It sucks. I was down for about a week but I’m better now. I actually read a few books between my acquired hobbies but I’m back with a vengeance. I owe you guys a lot of reviews and I missed tons of exciting news in the book world. I’ll probably have two reviews a day to catch up on the exciting releases this year. And of course, tons of updates!

xx Lovs

P.S. I actually started cross-stitching but it just didn’t work out. 😦


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