Contemporary Romance, New Adult

The Debt by Tyler King

The Debt


Josh McKay and Hadley’s lives were intertwined at that foster home when they were kids. They grew to be the best of friends until Josh repaid Hadley for saving his life by leaving her to her worst nightmare. Years had passed, they remained friends that never spoke of that fateful night. Could Josh and Hadley face their pasts in order to have a future together? Or were they destined to go their separate ways?

I can’t promise you a happy ending,” I said, leaning forward with her hand clasped in mine to speak at her ear, “but I can offer you a happy beginning.”

I did not expect how this story went. I thought we were in for just two best friends being in love with each other and fighting/denying it. There were so many layers that the synopsis barely scratched. Tyler King is a first time author for me and I would never regret reading this book. There were lies and secrets that greatly affected our dear characters. I can’t remember the last time I cried in a NA romance standalone. There’s just so much hurt in this book.

I don’t hate or love Josh and Hadley. I love them together but I was so frustrated with them. I was really falling for Josh because of how much he loves Hadley. He had a tortured past and its destroying the best thing that ever happen to him. However, there were times that Josh could be a real asshole. He makes the worse decisions when he’s hurt and/or angry. Hadley didn’t have an easy childhood either. I was liking her character but she’s so conflicting. I understand that she loves Josh but there were limits with how much you shit you should/could take. She’s not really a doormat but she fights mean when it’s uncalled for. These two did a good job in making my head explode but when they’re together, they just clicked. I had so much fun reading them even if it came to the parts the hurts so good.

I absolutely adore this book but I wanted a different ending. The ending was sweet but I wanted more. It felt like they were fighting half of the book, a quarter for some good sex and suddenly it’s the end. It was so cliché for them to have this huge argument then something really bad happened which makes making up happen just like that. We were only down for five more chapters and it was just not enough. Nonetheless, this is still a favorite of mine. It was good combination of romance, angst and witty banters.

Read: October 21, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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