Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream

I think readers would crucify me with this confession.

I’ve never read A Midsummer Night’s Dream until last night.


We never did tackle much of Shakespeare’s works in school [in the Philippines]. I was an accounting student so my college subjects don’t have much room for more literature than required. I’ve known of Romeo and Juliet because it is wildly acknowledged as the greatest love story. I tried reading Hamlet when I was twelve but I had a hard time understanding it. I didn’t realize that it was a play and that’s why it was written ‘weirdly’.

It was in my first year of college that I heard of this play. It was mentioned in The Iron Fey series and Shakespeare’s fey characters were a bit modernized in this book. I’ve been fascinated ever since but it always slipped my mind to read it. Well, I had lots of time in my hands these days so I decided to head over our local bookstore and procure a copy of it.

And I loved it!

I love the poetry. It’s been so long since I read some flowery and rhyming phrases. I still found some difficulty understanding some of the words but I had fun reading it. I didn’t even know there were four people involved in a love story affair. I thought this would only be about some fey, King Oberon and Queen Tatiana and, of course, Puck. It was so interesting to see Oberon act like match maker… and Puck goes and shake things up. Gah, I want to watch the actual play so bad!


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