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BOOK UPDATE: Travesty Series by Piper Lawson

Here are sneak peaks to possible covers for Sealed (Travesty #2.5) and Styled (Travesty #3):


Sealed will be a Dylan & Lexie novella. Didn’t you just missed them?


And Styled will be Jordan and Ethan’s story. Here’s also a little teaser to tide you over!

The guy in the photo I’d gotten from Ava and the man who picked me up at the airport were different people.

Family Photo Guy had been open and friendly.

The man who showed up at LAX was lethal.

First, Ethan was taller than me, which is hard enough to accomplish. Whenever I have to tilt my head up to look at someone it makes me squirm.

His skin was a light caramel, like he’d be warm to the touch. He had one of those jaws like those guys who model socks or underwear or whatever. It’s as if the less a guy wears, the better his jaw is.

Well, Ethan Cameron could model a straw.

There was less of Ava and Dylan in him than I’d expected. He had the straight nose that seemed to be a Cameron hallmark. His eyes were light like Ava’s, an acid green enhanced by the relentlessly blue sky California sky. But where Ava and Dylan had dark hair, Ethan’s was sandy brown and made you wonder if it was as soft as it looked.

What was left of it, at least, with that strip buzzed down the back.

“I can’t believe you waited an hour to tell me about this,” the man in question grumbled as we stood in line at the cafe.

“I can’t believe you didn’t notice her doing it,” I said lightly, swallowing my grin. “Maybe sleeping with your stylist wasn’t the best idea.”

Ethan shot me a glare, then checked his phone. He seemed oblivious to the stares of a few girls and at least one guy in the cafe – stares that had nothing to do with his ex going all Edward Scissorhands.

The shirt pulled over the muscles in his back as he reached up to rub his neck. I swallowed, momentarily distracted from the bad hair.

Skunk, I reminded myself.

Hot skunk, a primitive part of my brain rebelled.

Ethan’s midnight blue dress shirt was open at the collar, and his jeans probably cost more than the tailored suit pants his New York counterparts would’ve worn. Neither the shirt nor the jeans were too tight but because was so damn hard everywhere, the fabric clung to him. It showed off every muscle when he folded his arms, shifting impatiently on his feet.

People who are too attractive know it, and they use it. Which is why I am also immune to it.

Nearly, I realized as Ethan’s gaze landed on mine.

Those covers looks promising! I can’t wait for these babies!

** BOOK REVIEW: Travesty Series by Piper Lawson


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