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Bad Omen

I don’t know why whenever there’s a big event coming up, I always end up sick.

Last September, I was supposed to go to Morgan Matson’s book signing but I ended up having flu. I couldn’t even get up and she was one of my favorite authors! And I missed her! She was here for almost a week and I wasn’t able to attend any of her events. It was torture seeing the pictures online. *sobs uncontrollably*

Well today we have Lauren Kate, author of Fallen series, in the Philippines. She’s here for a book signing and movie premier with the cast of Fallen. This is both my happiest and saddest day of the month! I couldn’t go because I was sick for two days now! I’m a bit okay now but I don’t want to risk it because I still have work tomorrow. *sigh* Priorities, priorities.

Anyway, so I decided to catch up on writing reviews so I have a few coming up!


xx Lovs


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