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A lot happened in three days that I haven’t posted anything at all. It all started last Wednesday night. After getting off work, I headed to a salon to get my hair done. Well, my hair is really, really black so it took a very long time for the hair color to stick. Unfortunately, I have to get home by 8 o’clock that night because The Flash is on and I can’t miss it. Anyway, my hair was supposed to be medium blonde but I don’t really know what color it is right now. Lol, I’ll probably head back to get it fixed.

Then last Thursday, I spent the whole night packing and confirming details for our trip to Enchanted Kingdom. That’s like a couple of pegs down from Disney World. We’ve been planning this trip for three years and it was a dream come true. I took a day-off last Friday and had a blast with my squad. A part of me regretted not riding the Space Shuttle (because of Final Destination 3) but I vow to conquer that fear next time. My most favorite ride was the EKstreme Tower. It was my first time and I’ve never felt so alive! I actually felt myself off my seat when we came down. I wanted to do it all over again. I wish we could come back every year.


We got home late so some of us stayed the night over at one of my friend’s condo. I was so exhausted and I don’t have my beloved laptop with me which makes me miss another blog post. Then, I have to wake up early for work the next day and was planning to head straight home but the family decided to eat out for dinner at Crave Park. The place was packed and we had a difficult time finding a table but the food was delicious. There were a lot of variations to choose from and they were celebrating Halloween night with a Star Wars theme.


I was really planning on posting something last night but we came from minutes from 9 o’clock. I only have a short time to get myself comfortable before Ian devour the living shit out of me The Vampire Diaries came on. After that, I succumbed to food coma… and had beautiful dreams of buying new books.

Anyway, I had lots of other things to share that are related to books so just stay tuned! A lot of book reviews, updates and news are headed your way!

xx Lovs


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