Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

The Edge of Juniper by Lora Richardson

The Edge of Juniper


As a girl after adventure, sixteen year old Fay Whitaker doesn’t do well with rules. Spending the summer with her cousin’s family was supposed to be a dream come true until the picture perfect of the family shatters. Her uncle had a nasty temper and a nastier grudge against the Dearing family. So what did Fay did when tension became too high? Ran into the arms of Malcolm Dearing. As Fay untangles the thread of love, hate, loyalty and betrayal from her heart, would she take the risks and rules be damned?

It’s been so long since I read a YA this good. I admit that I was a bit apprehensive to start this because I haven’t read anything by Lora Richardson so I don’t know her writing styles and techniques. All I know was the general description of the book so I expected a twist that would make this story unique from all the clichéd stories out there.

I love that despite the issues that our dear characters went through they still seemed innocent. It was like their problems, big or small, didn’t suck the life out their early life. I love that Fay was exactly I envisioned her to be in her journey. She wasn’t perfect but her flaws just made her more real to me. As an introvert, I absolutely admire her sense of adventure. She may take risks but she usually knows her limits. And I just love Malcolm. This guy is really a book boyfie material. You know, too-good-to-be-true-but-I-don’t-care-I’m-still-taking-him-home type. He’s just so sweet and charming but didn’t come across pushy. He showed great respect and determination when it came to Fay and I think that’s the most important thing.

I really wanted to give this book a perfect star rating but it took me a while to be invested in the story. I had hard time feeling it. It was probably because of a book hangover or too much work to do. However, I really love this book. It is perfect light-read for a vacation getaway or just lounging in the couch with a coffee (or tea). Here goes four-point-five stars to Fay & Malcolm!

Read: October 1, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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