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Work, work, work

Hallo readers!

I feel like it’s been ages since I last posted something. Work’s keeping me busy. My only day-off is Sunday which is basically laundry day. I have two book reviews that were supposed to be posted last week! I also missed tons of book news and updates and I’m gonna remedy those shits.

First off, Outsider was released last September 27, 2016 and I was supposed to post a review in an exchange of a free copy. (Thank you Olivia Cunning!) I decided to post mine on netgalley for I haven’t reviewed the first book yet. Don’t fret, I’m working on it!

 Second, there’s a book cover reveal for Tillie Cole’s new standalone A Veil of Vines. (That’s gonna be awesome!) And also, other book cover reveals that happened this week.

Lastly, book updates and teasers are also on the way in case you missed it.

This is the last promise I make to post more regularly! I would make it work, I really will.

Happy reading!

xx Lovs


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