Fantasy, Paranormal, Romance, Young Adult

See Me Duet by Wendy Higgins


See Me


Robyn Mason is unlike any seventeen-year-old American. She belongs to a magical family and bonded to marry McKale of Emerald Isle in Ireland. Her excitement to marry a young Irish lad turns to dust as obligations and true feelings came to the table. A Fae princess threatens to destroy what they built for her pure selfish gain. Robyn and McKale must trust one another to avoid falling in the clutches of the Fae princess’ hands for the survival of their families.

“The bad thing about romantics was they put themselves out there for heartbreak.”

I absolutely adore Wendy Higgins! I’ve never had much fun with leprechauns like this before. I love this new magical world. Ireland really is a magical place. I laughed and swooned and cried in all the right places. It is kind of light-fantasy for me but it’s not exactly a light read because of… you know that freaking ending!

I love that it isn’t really an insta-love for Robyn and McKale. Robyn may have started as in love with the idea of marriage with McKale but they were given a chance to really get to know one another. I find McKale adorable. He was the ‘giant’ among little people. He was not what I expected for our hero but I still loved him. He won me over by proving the man deserving of Robyn in the end.

Is it bad that I think Cass and Rock stole the show? We need book two! These two… it was just so heartbreaking! I just want to kick that princess in the ass for causing more grief!

Read: June 22, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars

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