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NEW SERIES: Psy-Changeling Trinity Series by Nalini Singh

Psy-Changeling Trinity will be the 2nd season of Psy-Changeling Series. It is not centered with Trinity Accord but merely stating the new beginning, the post-Silence. This series will also include two-words title instead of threes like in the previous season. The first book will be a direct continuation of where Allegiance of Honour left off but with different characters, perspectives and problems.

Silver Silence will be the first in this series. The title gives us a good hint on who’ll be the heroine. For all devoted fans, we’re familiar with Silver as Caleb Krychek’s aide. Silver is part of the veritable Mercant family known as a powerful pillar in the Psy world.

Nalini Singh hasn’t said who’ll be the hero yet but it would be an unlikely pairing. Join the crowd and talk about your theories on this thread of the blog.

For those who haven’t read a single Psy-Changeling book, you could read this new series and still be able to understand what’s happening. Hopefully, it would convince you to start from the very beginning.

Expected publication: June 15, 2017

**BOOK REVIEW: Psy-Changeling Season 1 Part 1 by Nalini Singh


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