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EMPIRE OF STORMS (Throne of Glass #5)


One of the most anticipated books of 2016 is now here!

Aelin Ashryver Galathynius will take her throne as the rightful Queen of Terrasen. The fourth book, Queen of Shadows, is somewhat a happy ending for our dear characters. New beginnings are on the horizon but the real threat is still out there. The questions everyone’s asking will be answered. Will there be reunion/s? Whose ship will sink and/or sail? Who will DIE?

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

**The Throne of Glass Colouring Book is also out today!

**BOOK REVIEW: Throne of Glass Series by Sarah J. Maas



Piper Lawson’s new fun standalone romance is here!

Meet Payton Blake and Max Donovan as they plowed their way for their careers. Payton and Max are ready to play with numbers, games and hearts… are you?  Get your copy for only $0.99 for a limited time.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

**BOOK REVIEW: PLAY by Piper Lawson


MAGIC BINDS (Kate Daniels #9)


Kate Daniels is back to kick some ass!

Kate and Curran had more issues to deal with besides their upcoming nuptials. Samain was kidnapped by Roland. The Wedding might be the destruction of Atlanta. And the only person Kate can think of that could help was long dead.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

THREE DARK CROWNS (Three Dark Crowns #1)


A new series by Kendare Blake!

I’ve been waiting for something of her work for years now and I can’t wait to dig my claws in this one! In this new world, Kendare Blake would show betrayals, deceptions and revenge at its darkest core as three queens fight for the crown. Three queens of powerful magic. Three queens of same blood and family.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


THE GOAL (Off-Campus #4)


The last man standing is going down!

Readers of Off-Campus series will finally have answers from the bomb that Tucker dropped on The Score. I did not see Tucker and Sabrina coming. They’re like North and South that shouldn’t have passed each other. They were so good at keeping their relationship a secret… but no secret can remain hidden forever.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

**BOOK REVIEW: Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy


CROOKED KINGDOM (Six of Crows #2)


Kaz and the crew will do whatever it takes to take the Wraith back. They’ve manage to pull off the most difficult and deadliest heist in the history, a rescue mission should’ve been a piece of cake. Retribution. Revenge. Redemption. Could our six crows be free?

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

**BOOK REVIEW: Six of Crows Duet by Leigh Bardugo

OUTSIDER (Exodus End World Tour #2)


Trey, Raegan and Ethan are back!

The favorite trio from Sinners on Tour is back to continue their sordid love story. Under the scrutiny of media and the world, could Trey, Raegan and Ethan survive all the hate and judgment? Or would their love be broken apart piece by piece?

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

THE FEVER CODE (The Maze Runner #0.6)


It’s been years since I’ve read something from The Maze Runner series. Well, we do have the movie to watch out for. Anyway, there were still question regarding the past of our Gladers. Were they really forced to live their normal lives and be put on the maze without their memories? Or, like Thomas and Theresa, did they volunteer in the name of W.I.C.K.E.D.?

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


SILVER (All that Glitters #4)


Stacia and Pace was the unexpected pair but at the same time you know that they would make a great story. In the surface they’re both so plastic, so vain that it was hard to see something more. It would be an experience to see them grow and be beautiful human beings.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


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