Contemporary Romance, Erotica, New Adult

Misconduct by Penelope Douglas



Easton Bradbury thought that leaving her past behind would be the hardest thing she’ll ever do. However, meeting the infamous Tyler Marek gave her life a new perspective. Problem is, he’s a politician and the father of one of her troubled students. It was taboo, forbidden, but fighting it was futile. Could Easton and Tyler survive their relationship? Or would Easton’s past catch up on them?

“Damaged people were survivors, and they survived because they always put themselves first. Self-preservation demanded it.”

Penelope Douglas truly knows how tell a story. Forbidden loves were so common that it takes lots of twists and turns to make it into something more. On the surface, Easton and Tyler seems to be the normal hero and heroine of this age but reading them opens up a more dynamic view of the story. There’s more to it than a romance novel. There were loads of family issues and secrets that spice things up a bit.

I liked Easton better that Tyler. It is rare for me to love the heroine over the hero… but it does happen. Despite Tyler’s very strong and dominant personality, I had hard time being lured in his presence. I’ve read hero politicians before and there’s just something lacking in Tyler. Easton, on the other hand, I love. After everything that happened, I admire her decision to still help other people. She decided to teach, to help young minds, and it was a step-up from just existing.

I did not expect who the ‘bad guy’ was. I was so confused and betrayed after reading it. I was like staring at it and screaming bloody justice. I truly can’t believe that that person could’ve done those things. I’m kind of still hoping to find a happy ending for this character or even a silver lining that would hint what happened after. I was hoping for a different ending. The one we had was good. It was okay but I was expecting something more that would bring justice to the revelations that happened in the previous chapters.

Read: December 8, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars


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