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Psy-Changeling Season 1 by Nalini Singh (Part 1)


Slave to Sensation


Sascha Duncan’s Silence never did took hold and now twenty-six years later, her mind is in the brink of breaking. She dream and feel and she cannot hide it any longer. Her only choice is to break out of the PsyNet and die or turn herself over the Council and rehabilitate. That is, until she met the alpha of DarkRiver leopard changeling, Lucas Hunter. Lucas tries to infiltrate the Psy in order to find the serial killer responsible for the murders of young chanrling women. Unbeknownst to him, Sascha may be a cardinal Psy but her powers never manifested, thus having no position in the Council. Will Sascha help the changeling in bringing down one of her own people? Or would her loyalty to her people outweigh her feeling for a certain panther?

What a perfect book to start a series! I love everything about this book. It was so different, so diverse, so brilliant! You wouldn’t get bored. It is not only centered on Lucas and Sascha’s love story. There’s a matter of a serial killer on the loose and the Council. I love the political issues. I never thought I’d say that ever, but I love it! It was exciting and thrilling. I also love the other characters, especially Lucas’ sentinels. I can’t wait to hear their stories. Gah, this book is a royal package of feels!

 “I wish I’d been born in another time, another place. Then maybe I could’ve escaped fate . . . maybe I could’ve been your darling.”

I love Lucas and Sascha together. They made my heart ache so bad I cried. Their scorchingly-hot chemistry didn’t hurt either though. I love how much of an alpha Lucas is. It was so hot; he made it to my fictional boyfriend list, lol. I also love Sascha even if she’s so stubborn she almost made our ship sink. I guess it was inevitable to love her because along the way her true designation was revealed.

I absolutely adore happy endings that made sense. I’ve read some books that tried to make miracles happen like rain, it never succeeded. I honestly didn’t expect a HEA for these two because their love is just so heartbreaking. They’re from different races and all. I loved how it all turned out in the end.

Read: February 17, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Visions of Heat


As the most powerful F-Psy in her generation, Faith Nightstar knew that her chance of succumbing to madness is only a matter of time… especially after nights of feeling darkness and terror in her mind. With the news of her sister’s murder, she risk leaving the safety haven of her compound to seek the guidance of Sascha Duncan in the heart of changeling leopard’s territory. Being captured by the jaguar, Vaughn D’Angelo, was not part of the plan. It is not only battle of minds and hearts that awaits in the horizon. Will Faith fight to maintain her conditioning under silence? Or would she surrender in the arms of a changeling only to battle his own darkness?

The dynamics of this series is really astounding! Every turn of the page I’m holding my breath because there may be new revelations since our Psy is a Foreseer. It was so cool! I also find the history of Silence fascinating. The history is so vast; I don’t think it would ever end. I’m hungry for more details about the Mercury, Adelejas and the Arrows!

“Human women have been slapping men for being bastards for centuries. You were doing what comes naturally.”

I truly find Vaughn’s character interesting. The dark brooding male who blends in the shadows always caught my eye. I just knew in the first book that this dominant male will not fall short in making us squirm. *wink wink* I absolutely love the mating dance between these two! Gah, the feels. I felt frustration too because like Sascha, Faith took her damn time before accepting her mate! But it builds up some passionately-hot love scenes. I’m blushing just by remembering it.

I was truly shocked by Anthony’s character. I didn’t expect that to happen at the end but I love it! I think only few could’ve known the complexity behind Anthony… which makes him more interesting for the rest of the series. It just keeps on getting better and better. I foresee more complicated plot twist ahead and I cannot wait!

Read: February 18, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Caressed by Ice


After the traumatic experience under Councilor Enrique’s hands, Brenna Kincaid no longer bear wounds and bruises but for the dream-visions that’s making her think she’s gonna go insane. She also hasn’t forgotten that Enrique had some help in her abduction and this individual threatens to shatter whatever peace she managed to build. These were not the only threats Brenna sees in the future but also her growing desire to the former Arrow, Judd Lauren. For those who had deadly abilities like Judd, Silence was the answer. He can’t afford to break free if it means harming his family. But with the persistent danger coming Brenna’s way, can Judd suppress his urges to protect her? Will Brenna accept the chances that Judd cannot break from Silence?

I admit that I didn’t expect the third book to be about Judd and Brenna. Looking back, they both made huge impressions on the first two books. But I thought the sentinels of DarkRiver would have their turns first before jumping to the SnowDancers but I love it! It gave us a chance to see how the wolves worked and look out for more juicy stories.

 “Aren‘t you going to get up?”
He put a hand on the curve of her hip, a possessive gesture that had already become
“No. Let‘s have more sex.”

Gah! Judd Lauren is something else. I never thought I’d ever fall in love with a Psy, let alone an Arrow. The feels people, the motherfucking feels! My gosh, my ovaries exploded! He is different from an alpha male and changeling but this male knows the moves to leave women panting after him. He’s probably my #1 love for this series! I am in awe with Brenna. She survived so much and managed to find love. I love that she never backed down and gave up. She kicked life’s ass, blow after blow. Go girl power!

This series really packs all the kinds of feels there is. Judd and Brenna’s story is like a roller coaster ride. There were so many ups and downs, I couldn’t keep my head straight sometimes. But surprisingly, I enjoyed it. I love the hurt, disappointment, betrayal, deception along with the positive feelings and happenings.

Read: February 19, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Mine to Possess


Clay Bennett has been walking in the darkness for years after losing his bestfriend. He bore the guilt that shouldn’t have been there, especially since Talin McKade was not dead. She was back in his life after years and asking for his help to find the street children under her care. This time Clay will do whatever it takes to keep her in his life, including unlocking all of Talin’s secrets. Could Clay finally find peace in living? Or would Talin leave again, breaking him beyond redemption?

This book is a bit too dark for me, I think. It was not only Clay and Talin’s past that was awful but what happened to the street children also. There were just so much horrors that I had a hard time to enjoy reading the book. I’ve mentioned before that I love the Council’s political agendas but studying the kids like that is taking it too far. That’s why it’s only four stars. However, I love Clay and Talin together. Those two couldn’t be more perfect for each other.

“These predators loved with wild fury, but they were also darkly possessive, crossing the boundary into what humans might term obsession.”

In the previous books, I didn’t notice that Clay had a dark past. I didn’t’ feel that he was walking in the darkness like Vaughn and Dorian. He appears to be a steady guy for me but I think looks could really be deceiving. I was a bit irritated with Talin’s character. I didn’t agree with most of her decisions. She really hurt Clay before and she brought more hurt again. At the same time, I feel for her. She had a horrific past and she deserves a happy ending.

Read: February 20, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars

Hostage to Pleasure


Dr. Ashaya Alein’s Silence was long broken and everything she’s done onward was for her son. Dorian Christensen’s hate for the Psy populace was unrivaled after the meaningless murder of his sister in the hands of a Psy serial killer. In his assistance in securing the child of Ashaya, astonishing feelings began to rise. Would Dorian accept his cat’s mate as a Psy? Or would he let the past lead his future?

Okay, so I’m a bit of a bias here. I love Dorian since the beginning and I couldn’t wait to read his story. I think if this sucked, I would still love it. But I don’t think Nalini Singh could ever write a book that sucked. Anyway, this book showed wide machinations of the Council and I found that so very interesting. I couldn’t get enough! There were so much that happened a century ago in this world and here I am like a history junkie waiting for her next fix.

“I can’t stop talking,” she said, her shock open. “Why? My stomach is full of butterflies, my heart is thundering, and my palms are damp.” A small pause, followed by a relieved sigh. “Must be fear. You’ve got a very threatening look on your face.”

Ashaya’s character as a Psy is not what I expected. Sure, she fought like hell just like the rest of the females but there’s just something so light about her. I think it’s because her Silence didn’t really stick and she’s a doctor and a mother. I admire the lengths she took to make Keiran safe. Like I said, I love Dorian. He was a pushy asshole in this book but I still love it. He’s just so passionate, so intense; I want to hug him like crazy. I love that he’s not perfect. His faults might be minor for some but it really is a big deal. He needs someone steady like Ashaya to balance out his violent emotions.

I absolutely love the ending! When you thought they’ve survived the worse, another comes to stir up some trouble. Reading this book is truly a thrilling and exciting experience. I couldn’t have asked for a better story.

Read: February 20, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars



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