Contemporary Romance

The Weather Girl by Amy Vastine

The Weather Girl

The Weather Girl

In Abilene, Texas meteorologist Summer Raines worked as a weather girl in KLVA station. She’s more reliable than a bunch of computers when it came to knowing if it’s going to rain or not. She loves, lives and breathes weather. What she didn’t expect was for a tornado like Travis Lockwood. Could Summer Raines come out whole and predict this kind of storm?

I love it. Just plain love it. I love the characters. I love the writing style. I love the ending. I just love everything about it!

I was totally excited for this book. I truly have high expectations and it didn’t disappoint. I’m quite familiar with Amy Vastine’s writing style because I’ve read all of her fanfics but nothing prepared me for this one. It was written so beautifully, so uniquely. I was totally blindsided to what will happen to our dear characters. There were so many possibilities, career decisions or otherwise, that could make or break their new relationship.

I adore Summer! I didn’t expect to like her quirky attitude, but I loved it! Her weather facts were so awesome. Half of what she said, I didn’t know about. I was actually waiting for her to drop a trivia here and there because it was really so educational. I love Travis too. He was so lost at the beginning; I thought he’ll make the wrong choices. I was so proud of him for finding what he truly wants in his life at the end.

I didn’t expect the ‘big fight’ to be that big. I thought it would a simple spat then they’ll make-up, and they’ll all live happily ever after. It really hurts but I love it! Our dear characters need it to grow. I think that’s actually the reason why I love this book so much.

Read: June 3, 2014

Rating: 5 Stars


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