Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Sheet Music by Ann Lister

Sheet Music


Annie Logan with her band was given a big break by a legendary rock band, Thrust. With Thrust came Michael Wade, guitar god and Annie’s bigger-than-life-idol. Annie meets Michael, sparks exploded. The end. Or was it? Read on to know how Annie and Michael search themselves through the intertwined thorns of love, hate, hope and betrayal.


This book is so goddamned good! I cried so so much! God, I don’t even know where to start!

Okay, so first I think Annie and Michael fell in love way too fast. They did everything in a rush. They made promises when they’re happy and decisions when mad. They made a great pair, and this story is so much different from all the books I’ve read about rock stars. People in this story make mistakes after mistakes, and in reality it only makes them human.

Annie is a very powerful character to symbolize women. She rush head on but in the end she manage to grew a backbone and hold onto her word. Falling in love with a rock star proves to be a lot harder than what I thought, all the groupies, doubts and lies are too much to bear. I always believe in, “Why cheat? If you’re not happy just leave.”

This book really gives a lot of hope for us to have Mr. Right. Some books painted the perfect happily ever after, after defeating the witch. But no, in this book you have to defeat the not only the witch, but also the beast, the dragon and the demon. Couples will always have rocky roads along the way, and it’s up to you if you’ll go down backing down or fighting.

Read: October 9, 2013

Rating: 5 Stars


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