Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Young Adult

Mistborn Trilogy by Brandon Sanderson


The Final Empire


Ash fell from the sky.

The world is dark and dangerous. After a thousand years under the regime of the tyrannical Lord Ruler, a revolution like no other has risen. The end of the empire falls in the hands of a criminal mastermind and his fledgling Mistborn. Would they succeed to free their people? Or would they be crushed under the power of the Lord Ruler?

There’s always another secret.”

This book gave the most brilliant mind games ever. Seriously, when you think you’ve figured out what will happen you’ll be proven wrong. I’ve never read anything like this. I think that’s the edge of this book. It wasn’t enough that it created a world of magic by ‘burning’ metals but it made readers question every little detail. I love the changing of POVs because it didn’t give away important secrets. It was written so carefully, so meticulously that I was blindsided like the rest of the crew. It was so brilliant! I thought I was gonna be bored because it was soooooo long but a lot of things happened! I cannot even… the feeeeels!

I didn’t expect the plan. I didn’t expect the Lord Ruler’s true origins. I didn’t expect that character to be changed like that. Most of all, I didn’t expect this character to die! Well, at first I did. I was so confident that this character will die but then something happened that made me think otherwise. I started thinking that Brandon Sanderson changed his mind and mapped out a longer route for this character. But then he did die. And I’m so angry. I cannot believe this is happening again. My favorite character died. Why must you do this?

I love how different and complex the characters are. I love the crew. I love Kelsier. He and his crazy plans! My golly. But it was amazing how he held it all together. He never gave up. He never lose hope. I admit that I didn’t like Vin much. For a heroine, she could be really dense at times. I was so very confuse for her ever changing personality. One minute she trusts this, then the next she doesn’t. She had a hard time making up her mind and it made me doubt her dedication to overthrow the empire. I didn’t expect for Elend Venture to have a major role. I thought he’s just passing infatuation of Vin. I can’t comprehend how they’ll work together as a team in the future. Well, I guess I better get on the next book!

Read: June 19, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Well of Ascension


The Lord Ruler was defeated… but so was Kelsier. In return, the skaa were free and the job to build a better power structure lies in Vin and Elend Venture’s hands. Vin’s still mourning but three armies ready to seize Luthadel is more important. Despite having the crew and her Mistborn power, it’s not enough to defeat the enemies but could an ancient legend be their salvation? Could Vin and Elend find the Well of Ascension before it’s too late? Or would this war be more bloody that the last?

“It’s easy to believe in something when you win all the time… The losses are what define a man’s faith.”


I can’t believe what happened. I really thought we’re gonna have a happy ending with minimal deaths. Actually, I didn’t expect there to be a war at all. I thought the trouble will just be about establishing a more effective and efficient regime than of the Lord Ruler’s. I was also thinking that maybe Vin will have another love interest. I should’ve known that nothing will ever come easy with this trilogy.

It was amazing how the characters worked and continue to grow after everything that happened. Elend proved to be more than a pretty face. I love the changes in him but I find his insecurities from Kelsier frustrating. A part of me understands but I hate it all the same. Vin continues to irritate me. She was so lost but the time passed seemed to have no effect on her. There were times that she’s still the street urchin who trusts no one.

Despite all of their victories, they were doomed to fail. I couldn’t help but shake my head after it was done. We were all fooled. I honestly didn’t see it coming. There were parts that were so confusing; it didn’t make any sense at all. I had a hard time accepting what happened to Zane. I found him endearing and he was also fooled in the end. I didn’t expect Marsh’s participation in the end. I was like, ‘what the fuck man?’ There were so many plot twists and I feel like this whole trilogy is like a huge PLAN.

Read: June 21, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

The Hero of Ages


For the conclusion of the most anticipated trilogy, Vin and Elend Venture must stop the evil they released that seek to destroy the world no matter what it takes. The Inquistors and koloss are back in the command of Ruin. As Vin and Elend tries to find clues on how to survive and defeat Ruin, they couldn’t seem to stop the world from imploding. The mist kills. The ash falls more quickly. The crops were scarce. Could Vin, Elend and the crew form a plan that would save their lives once again? Or is it really time for the world to cease to exist?

“He was just determined. He always said that laughter was something the Lord Ruler couldn’t take from him. He planned and executed the overthrow of a thousand-year empire—and he did it as a kind of . . . penance for letting his wife die thinking that he hated her. But, he did it all with a smirk on his lips. Like every joke was his way of slapping fate in the face.”


Looking back, it all made sense now.

From the very beginning every death, every sacrifice, every triumph was all part of some grand plan. I understand now why Zane kept hearing things in the second book. There were two kind of mists that Vin saw and to realize who they were is just wow. The logic behind the dangerous mist was so amazing. It was actually obvious now but it’s just brilliant. It was sickening to find out how koloss were made. (My golly, I cannot.) It was astounding how smart the Lord Ruler was for keeping the atium safe. Also, it was shocking to know what atium really is. And lastly, the goddamn Hero of Ages was finally revealed and I didn’t expect who it was! Reading the prophecy again, I just want to slap myself. I can’t believe I was so oblivious.

This book is just so perfect. I loved it! There was no unfinished business for our crew. All the questions left unanswered in the previous books were explained. But that ending! How could you give us this kind of ending? Where is the happy ever after for everyone? After everything Vin and Elend sacrificed, this is how they were repaid. A part of me can understand but noooooooo. Why must there be death until the end? We can’t just defeat the bad guy and get on with it.

Brandon Sanderson delivers a trilogy that readers would never tire of reading all over again. It’s not a just a fantasy novel to defeat evil. For every turn of page, every last chapter, every plot twist, everything was written so brilliantly. You’d never really see a thing coming. It was like a domino effect once the idea started, windows open for more paths to be taken. It was really such an honor to read a book like this.

Read: June 22, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


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