Cheaters Gonna Hate

I’ve been reading lots of stories posted on facebook, twitter and other social media sites about cheating and it just made me sad.

I don’t understand why people would willingly cheat. If you’re not happy, why cheat? Is it hard to just end the relationship first before jumping to another? Or was it easier to lie every single time? Does it make you more of a man or woman to keep two people on either side of the bed? Does the forbidden concept thrill you so?

CGH1.2Relationship is hard work. Loving someone is putting yourself in their shoes and thinking of how your actions will affect them. It’s supposed to feel like being free and safe. Of course, disagreements and fights will always be there but that’s why communication is important. You can’t throw blame around without accounting for your actions. Admit when you’re wrong and put pride aside. Tell the truth no matter how much it will hurt.

I’ve read books on cheating like Thoughtless and Black Lies. I loved those books but I was not happy with the cheater. It hurts and just keeps on hurting until you’ve confessed the truth. I admit I haven’t been in a casual or serious relationship for almost six years. But it doesn’t mean I know any less about love and relationships. I know that you always have to be faithful, not loyal. I could just imagine being cheated on and it’s not pretty. Being betrayed by someone close to your heart is not something you could easily brush off and put a band-aid on.

I used to be impatient in having a boyfriend. BeiCGH1.1ng in an exclusive for girls’ school for college will do that to you. I keep on reading books and think of the one who’s taking he’s damn sweet time to come and find me. But now, I enjoy being single without all the sleepless night on whether he’s telling the truth or lying with someone else. My book boyfriends keeps me up most of the nights anyways.

Love without judgment.

Aim for what you deserve.

Never, ever settle.

Be happy.

xx Lovs


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