Contemporary Romance, New Adult

The Virgin Romance Novelist by Meghan Quinn

The Virgin Romance Novelist

The Virgin Romance Novelist

Rosie Bloom is trying to write a romance novel. Problem is, she’s a virgin with no clue how to write a sex scene. Briar patch? Meat sword? It’s a tragedy waiting to happen, so with help of her two best friends she sets off to the dating world. Blind dates, online dating sites, random hookups are on her repertoire with the goal of losing her virginity. Could Rosie go through it all? Or would her heart get in the way of things?

“Isn’t that how all romantics are, give love a chance? That was the sole basis of every romance novel out there; give love a chance.”

One of my funniest read this 2015!!!

I learned so much from this book! I love that it showed the awkward moments before, during or after sex. It really shouldn’t always be a picture perfect. I can’t stop laughing as Rosie fumbles and stumbles in her adventure to self-discovery. I don’t know why but I can’t help but laugh at the guys she ‘dated’. The unfortunate incidents were just so hilarious! I think ‘the fart’ is the best one. Or maybe ‘the vibe’. *laughs like a hyena*

Rosie was really an interesting character. Her childhood and parents were part of that. She was so naïve and awkward, it was a sight to see her get out of her comfort zone. She needs all the growing up she can get. What I didn’t expect is Rosie’s love interest. It was cliché for me when it turned out it was going to be him. I think the story could’ve more impact if she met someone else.

This book is highly recommendable if you’re looking for light reads or just to have a good laugh, enjoy!

Read: April 23, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars


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