Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Like Gravity by Julie Johnson

Like Gravity

Like Gravity

Brooklyn ‘Bee’ Turner had a habit of keeping people at arm’s length… until she literally ran into campus ladies’ man, Finn Chambers. He’s charming and persistent in his pursuit and she’s guarded and creative in turning down his advances. But her efforts are futile in the growing attraction between them. As Brooklyn’s dark past catch up on her, would she accept Finn’s hand through it all? Or would Finn’s own secret destroy them?

“I can’t let you go. I can’t. And believe me, I’ve tried really fucking hard. It’s impossible–You’re impossible.”

Julie Johnson truly has a gift for storytelling. Her words seem to come alive from the pages. Her characters were so spirited despite everything that happened. It was joy watching them grow right in front our eyes, especially Brooklyn. I actually had a hard time liking Brooklyn. Well, at first I liked how blasé she was with Finn. She was a bitch and I love it. But then, cracks started to show and I didn’t like how she kept on running and hiding away her true feelings. It was so un-Brooklyn for me. Finn is just the book boyfriend you’ll want after meeting him the first time. I love how patient he was with Brooklyn. My heart just breaks when his secret was revealed. The lengths he would take for the woman he loves, it just made me fall in love with him all over again.

I was disappointed with Finn’s secret. I’ve read that kind of story before so it dampened the impact when all’s revealed. I was expecting something more complicated that would bring the feels for the climax. But I love how Brooklyn faced her dark past. Talk about girl power. The ending is kind of abrupt to me. That was the epilogue I was hoping for. I was kind of thinking for a three months later epilogue. Anyway, I still loved it so here goes four shining stars!

Read: July 7, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars


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