Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Stealing Home by Nicole Williams

Stealing Home

Stealing Home

Being an athletic trainer for a professional baseball team didn’t make it easy for Allie to have a social life. Relationships tend to break after a couple of months, if not weeks. However, catching the eye of the team’s star player, Luke Archer, wasn’t supposed to be in the cards. Would Allie cave in the charms of Luke Archer like the rest? Or would she turn her back on something that may be the best thing to happen in her life?

“Sometimes you had to steal the life you wanted before fate realized you were coming. I’d stolen home too, and it was one for the record books.”

I didn’t expect Luke’s character. I thought he’d be the overbearing, pompous, egomaniac jerk but he turned out to be a sweetheart. He’s almost too good to be true. I really feel for him. The secret he’s hiding truly breaks my heart. I can’t believe Allie! I actually liked her at first because she’s smart, funny and witty but when it counted the most she was so gullible. I can’t believe she’d believe some ass over Luke. Ugh, it frustrates me just to think of it.

Still, I love them together. It was so refreshing even if the athlete-doctor concept is not. The characters made things very interesting. I love the Luke’s sister. I love how they bully him and almost get away from everything. Girl power, lol! Anyway, I wish the making-up part had more angst into it. I think it would’ve made a more powerful impact. Overall it was a bit of a light read with a bit of drama and lots of steamy encounters and witty banters.

Read: July 14, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars


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