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BOOK UPDATE: Black Dagger Brotherhood Series



The image that came to his mind was of a tall, slender female in the white robing of one of the Scribe Virgin’s Chosen. Her blond hair waved down o’er her shoulders and trailed off on a gentle breeze, and her eyes were the color of jade, and her smile was a benediction he had done naught to deserve.

The Chosen Layla had changed everything for him, recasting the Brotherhood from target to tolerable, from enemy to co-existable tenant in the world.

She had had more effect upon his black soul that e’erone who had come before, evolving him a greater distance in a lesser time that he would have thought possible.


The story we’ve all been waiting for!

We have a cover and an excerpt! Eeek! Check out Entertainment Weekly for the full excerpt.

Xcor and Layla’s story is one of the most anticipated ever since their first meet in The King. These two have been dancing for years and it’s high time they finally follow their hearts… if Xcor doesn’t get himself killed first by the Brothers!

Expected publication date: April 4, 2017

© EW


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