New Adult, Romance

PLAY by Piper Lawson



Review based on ARC provided: can be revised if there’s major changes when published

Financial expert Payton Blake is on the path of making a name for herself. After a big promotion, she needs to thrive to keep her position as the youngest associate let alone a female of Alliance. Which means landing big clients like the genius gamer Max Donovan. Problem is, she told him off in their first meeting… and she’s kind of, a little bit attracted to him. Could Payton resist her cravings and his charms long enough to get what they want out of their deal without compromising their careers?

I was watching you tonight,” he murmured, stroking his thumb over my cheek with surprising gentleness. “Dancing like no one else was there. And the weird thing was, there might as well have been no one there. Twenty thousand people, Payton, and you’re the only one I see.”

Piper Lawson never fails to deliver a book that would make readers cry and fall in love like it was the first time. I had high expectations and it didn’t disappoint! It was actually more than what I bargained for. The story line was amazing. It was not too long, not too short. You’ll laugh and cry and fall in love and laugh some more.

Oh, how I love Payton and Max’s work! I was able to put four years of being an accounting student to good use. Aaaand years of being addicted to online games! I can’t help but feel giddy about it all. There were times that I was frustrated with Payton but I still love her. I love how passionate she is and never settle for less than she deserve. I’ve always love that kind of personality for heroines.  I confess I didn’t have much love for Max at first but he gives out-of-this-world-sex!!! because of all his assholiness but he redeemed himself by Phoenix (watch out for Chapter 28). I didn’t expect it which makes it more perfect! That one was so swoon worthy, I cannot. I want more of these two!

Is it just me or was anyone else hoping that Riley and Charlie would hit it off? Dream on.

Read: July 25, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


7 thoughts on “PLAY by Piper Lawson”

  1. Thank you for the lovely review! So glad you enjoyed PLAY, and your ideas on Riley and Charlie are noted…am deciding what to do in 2017, maybe it’ll be a followup. I’m not sure I am ready to leave these wacky gamers just yet 😀 xx

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