Erotica, Romance, Suspense

Tight by Alessandra Torre




Thirty-two year old Riley Johnson lived a monotonous life in a small town in Florida. Steady job, amazing friends, and independence. All that changed after a night with Brett Jacobs. He supposedly travels a lot selling boats here and there but for he’s odd meetings at night. That should’ve raised some red flags, but Riley ignored it all by the promise of true love. Until it all came crashing down. Secrets were uncovered, hearts were broken and one person remained missing.

The word ‘tight’ has twenty-two definitions, but my favorite is Webster’s fifth–“a bond which cannot be broken.”

This book is not what I expected it to be and I’ve learned a lot from reading Alessandra Torre’s previous books. But it’s a good thing to take readers by surprise every now and then. I actually loved it because every chapter, every turn of page makes me hungry for more. I couldn’t stop reading it once I started. I essentially devoured it. I couldn’t wait to see what becomes of Riley, Brett, Elyse and Kitten. There were so many secrets and dark alleys; I had a hard time thinking for a happy ending for our dear characters.

I did loads of over thinking. Kitten was a mystery for me. At first, I thought it was this character but then I thought it too obvious so I changed perspective. I started thinking of her as this other character and I was so torn because I truly wanted them to have a happy ending. And I can’t imagine how if this other character turned up. I loved Riley’s character despite her faults. She was far from perfect but she’s strong. She came out as a victor at the end after so many trials.  I found Brett’s character a bit sketchy. He was hiding so many secrets, it’s a wonder he didn’t combust. It was only after Kitten’s character was truly revealed that I fell in love with him (better late than never). That scene was a very OMG moment for me. I even got teary-eyed.

I’m starting to like these kinds of plot twists and mind fucks in books. It was refreshing even if it made me think morbid things. Anyway, I absolutely love how Alessandra Torre unique drew every story of her characters. They were just so real. They undergo lots of changes and growing up that eventually led to a happier ending for everyone. It was not conventional which allures me in more ways than one. So here’s a perfect star rating for Tight!

Read: August 8, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


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