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It Ends with Us

Another CoHo book that will make us cry like a baby!

I’ve read lots of reviews about this one and it sure did made expectations high. I’ve read all of her books except one. Of those books only one got a three star rating. It didn’t faze me to continue reading her books because I know it will be so good. Her writing is just amazing. The poetry in every line is perfect and everything a novel should be.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.





Holy crapola!

I cannot.

The feels.

I die.

The best news ever! The favorite Maddox is back. I cannot even begin to tell you how much I’ve waited for this one. I am so excited to see them again. It’s seeing you long lost best friend for ten years. Gah! I just love this series so much. I just love seeing all my boys again!

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


RAVAGE (Scarred Souls #3)


The third book in the series, yay!

I honestly didn’t expect to follow this series. The only reason I started it was because it was written by Tillie Cole. But I love everything about Russia, so it began. This will be a story of 914 or Jakhua and Mzia Kostava. Both have tortured pasts. One held captive by it and the other hiding from it.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

UNKNOWN (Unknown #1)


A new novel by the one and only Wendy Higgins!

I am so excited with this one. This is so far from her normal genre of angels and leprechauns. Unknown is set in an apocalyptic America after the bombing of major cities. Our heroine is a nurse named Amber Tate and her feelings for her brother’s bestfreind, Rylen Fite, was unrequited (or so she thought?). Well she has bigger problems than that so join Amber in her journey to survive!

Full synopsis on Goodreads.



Furious Rush

I feel like it’s been a very long time since we last read something of S.C. Stephens. And I’m so very excited about this one! After the rock stars, we’ll be having riders! Hayden Hayes might make it our list of book boyfies. I can just imagine him in a leather jacket, riding his motorcycle… hmm leather.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.

UNDER THE LIGTHS (The Field Party #2)


I admit I haven’t had the chance to read Friday Night Lights. It’s on my TLTF (too lazy to finish) shelf… which probably means this one will go to that pile also. But I’m sure that this series is beautiful because it’s a work of the one and only Abbi Glines.

Full synopsis on Goodreads.


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