Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

Running Barefoot by Amy Harmon

Running Barefoot

Running Barefoot

Josie Jensen was Levan’s musical prodigy at the age of thirteen. Samuel Yates was an eighteen year old Navajo. She taught him words, music and friendship but in the end none of those were enough to tie him down. He left after graduation to find what the world has to offer. Meanwhile, her life took a different path from what everyone envisioned it to be. Years had gone by and Samuel came back to find Josie needing the same things she had given him before: the words, music and love for living live, learning to let go and love again.

This is one of the most heartening love stories ever! It’s not something that you read every day. I love the words, music and culture of the book. I wish I thought of Wall of Words when I started reading. It was enlightening to see young love grow and bloom. I love that before anything else they had a friendship that would last a lifetime. I love that their relationship were so innocent. I love that it seemed to be so meant to be for them to be together after everything.

“What softened your heart?” I asked softly.
“Good music and a friend.”
I felt my eyes burn a little and turned from him, blinking quickly to lap up the sting of tears. “Music has incredible power.”
“So does friendship,” he supplied frankly.

 I love how Josie’s life didn’t stop when Samuel left. She was still young at that time and she was able to live her life. I feel for her after the tragedies that happened to her life. Her life was put on hold for and because of her love ones. I felt a bit of frustrations from Samuel. He came back multiple times to visit his family and it left me reeling every time. He was a bit of an asshole but I understand that it’s like a defense mechanism. I just love the two of them together. I was expecting a grand gesture in Josie’s part when Chapter 20 happened. What she did was sweet, for old time’s sake, but still. However, I love the Postlude. It was short but it was enough to express what becomes of our dear characters.

Read: December 30, 2014

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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