Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Desperately Seeking Epic by B.N. Toler

Desperately Seeking Epic

Desperately Seeking Epic

Thirteen years ago, Paul James and Clare Bateman met, fought and fall in love. He left without a word. She was pregnant without his knowledge. Now, their daughter, Neena, is dying. Clara will do anything to save her daughter even if it means facing her one true love again. Paul only came back to get his money but finding out that he had a daughter, let alone a dying one, turned his world upside down. Could Paul save his daughter? Could Clara survive losing someone again? Could Neena get a second chance for a long, happy life?

“Life’s too short to be subtle.”

One of the gut-wrenching, tear-jerking book of 2016!!!

B.N. Toler gives readers a heart-stopping roller coaster ride of emotions. This is definitely a heavy read that will leave a blubbering mess out of any reader. There’s so much hope, love, anger and desperation in this book. For all daddy’s girl out there, Paul and Neena scenes were really moving. Even if they’re only bonding, having fun, it would probably make you cry (I sure did). I truly feel for Clara. I can’t imagine everything she went through, and she was only living half of it. I love Marcus. I feel like he’s the rock, the glue that keeps them together. He was always there for our characters and it truly broke my heart when the last ‘later, alligator’ and ‘after a while, crocodile’ moment happened. (feign rage… mostly) My golly, none of our dear characters deserved all the grief you put them through B.N. Toler!

I was actually hoping for a HEA. Most often than not authors create miraculous circumstances that would save the day. So the feels are more intense because I really didn’t expect that to happen! It felt like my heart was being ripped out of my chest. My poor babies. *weeps* It would’ve been perfect but I was disappointed with the ending. I mean, it was nice to know how this character was doing but I find it a bit bland. I didn’t feel a closure or goodbye with Paul and Clara… hence the four star rating.

Read: April 17, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars

2 thoughts on “Desperately Seeking Epic by B.N. Toler”

  1. Ah, I love BN Toler! I think her books are so underrated… This one was moving, but Where One Goes is hands down my favourite of hers (and one of my all time favs btw). I absolutely recommend you read it if you haven’t 🙂


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