Fantasy, Romance, Young Adult

Six of Crows Duet by Leigh Bardugo


Six of Crows


“No mourners.”

“No funerals.”

In the bowels of Ketterdam’s pleasure district, you could get anything with the right price; do anything with the right people. No one knows it better than Kaz ‘Dirtyhands’ Brekker. With his crew consisting of a spy, sharpshooter, runaway, convict and grisha, can the most diabolical thief pull off the most dangerous and profitable heist yet?

Another outstanding book by Leigh Bardugo!

I have a very high expectation with this book because I adore The Grisha Trilogy (TGT). The book cover is also beautiful and the synopsis is interesting to say the least. And I’m very glad to share that this may rival TGT. I can’t help but compare this to the previous series. The characters are so different, they were all badass! It also makes things more exciting because it was told in different POVs and we’re able to delve in the characters head. I love the storyline. Seriously, the best. I wouldn’t want to change anything about it. The good times and bad, I love it all. There was never a dull moment. I love that it started with action immediately. We were able to get a gist on what kind of problems our characters we’ll be facing.

“Please, my darling Inej, treasure of my heart, won’t you do me the honour of acquiring me a new hat?”

OMG. I just love Kaz, a badass with a cane and a disturbing past. I also love Inej. That girl is the very definition of a badass heroine. She was so different from Alina in TGT and I love it. Oh, and do I ship this two so hard. I can’t stop smiling whenever he and Inez are close. The feeeeeels. This ship is like a dream you couldn’t reach. *sigh* I really am a sucker for hopeless ships.

I did not expect that ending. My golly, after everything they done to pull off that heist and you dare shake our ship! Why is this happening? Why break our hearts? Why must you do this?


Read: November 16, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

Crooked Kingdom


“He doesn’t say goodbye. He just lets go.”

After pulling of the most difficult and deadly heist, the crew is without their Wraith and promised money. Kaz Bekker would stop at nothing to get what was owed to him. The city guards, rival gangs, merchants and nations across the world were after their only bargaining chip, a young scientist with a firsthand knowledge on how jurda parem came to be. All these were nothing compared to what they’ve went through in the past but plans can go wrongs, alliance can be broken and lives can be lost. Would the six crows be consumed by the Barrel? Or could they bring the city to heel?

“I would have come for you. And if I couldn’t walk, I’d crawl to you, and no matter how broken we were, we’d fight our way out together-knives drawn, pistols blazing. Because that’s what we do. We never stop fighting.”

Leigh Bardugo masters at giving the perfect endings. It could either be the damnest cliff hanger or the sweetest happy ending and you’ll be screaming for more. She creates the most amazing plot twists that make me feel I’m chasing my own tail. I enjoyed the back stories that make us understand more about our dear characters’ pasts. The witty banters of the crew brought sparks of happiness no matter how gloomy their situation might be.

I love that not all their plans went accordingly. The imperfections made it more suspenseful and interesting. The ordeal of losing Inej changed our characters. It was not quite obvious at first but it was like a wake-up call for them to be more cautious, vigilant and meticulous about every small detail in the plan. I also love our visitors from Ravka. I missed that character so much. I’d never thought to see that character again and I hope for that character’s story in the future.

Something happened that broke readers’ heart. There were clues all over the place but I refuse to see it. I just thought that something bad will happen but they’ll eventually pull through because that’s what they do best. I kept waiting for the punch line or a miracle that could undo that fateful moment but none came. It was a bit hard to continue reading after that because I just can’t believe that happened.

I love Jesper & Wylan together. The little dance they did around each other was just so cute. I also have some feels for Kaz and Jesper. There’s brotherly love that made my heart break a little. Nonetheless, I love the ending! For Kaz & Inej shippers out there, the wait was so worth it! I love that despite everything, Inej still have that fire that makes her the Wraith and badass that she really is. It might not be the perfect happy ending for the crew but they’ll do what they do best, survive.

Read: October 8, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


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