Contemporary Romance, New Adult

When I Was Yours by Samantha Towle

When I Was Yours

When I Was Yours

A wonderful summer together led to a Vegas wedding of Evie Taylor and Adam Gunner. After a week of being a blissfully married couple, Adam came home with his wife gone and divorce papers on the table. Ten years had passed and Adam still tastes the bitterness of being abandoned by his first love. Ten years had passed and Adam saw Evie again.

I am sorry, Adam. I’m ten years’ worth of sorry. I just wish… I wish we’d had a chance.

Just reading the synopsis wrecks me! I can’t imagine losing your one true love for a decade then seeing him/her again! This book just hurts so much. Their fights break my heart all over again. I feel for Adam for wanting the reason why Evie left. I feel for Evie because the secret she kept for a decade is chocking her. These deserves a happy ending more than anyone.

I rated this as four stars only because after everything was said and done, I was expecting a grand ending. The last chapter was even better than the epilogue. I mean, I liked the epilogue. I’m happy for them but I’m looking for something that will still make us all the feels from everything they’ve been through. The epilogue was kinda predictable for a HEA.

Read: December 13, 2015

Rating: 4 Stars


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