Contemporary Romance

Drop Dead Sexy by Katie Ashley

Drop Dead Sexy

Drop Dead Sexy

Olivia Sullivan may have the worse track record of ex-boyfriends. The fact that she grew up in a small town as the daughter of mortician didn’t really add to her appeal. Her mother’s lingerie shower was a slapped Olivia needed to start dating. She met Holden ‘Catcher’ Mains and he was more than willing to oblige her needs. It was supposed to be a one night stand and nothing more but a murder in their small town forced them to work together. Could Olivia and Catcher keep their hands to each other long enough to not get killed and apprehend the murderer in the process?

I had high expectations with this book. The synopsis was fascinating. It was written by Katie Ashley. The cover was H-O-T. The release date was pushed around. All this build up the anticipation… and sad to say but I didn’t like it. I really tried to like it. I even read it for a second time to see if I missed anything, but this is really it.

I had a nice time at first. There were laughters because it some scenes are just downright hilarious. However, as I read through I find it a little bland. Aside from the unique profession of our heroine there’s really nothing new. Even the hotness of the hero couldn’t save the book. I was actually waiting for a great reveal because the mystery crime was really interesting. It would’ve been better with a different ending I think. Everything just happened so fast, I’m surprised I didn’t get a whip splash along the way.

Read: March 21, 2016

Rating: 2 Stars


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