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Book Update: The Original Sinners


Tiffany Reisz gives us Something Nice which features Nora and Søren two months after The Siren. You need to subscribe in Tiffany’s mailing list to read the story:

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In case you missed it:

Nora laughed drunkenly. “I guess it’s your turn,” she said. “What nice thing do you want me to do for you, my sir?”


“Hmm…do you want a blow job?”

“I just came.”


“Same answer.”


“As nice as that would be, no. My scalpel needs sharpening.”

“Do you want to fist me?”

“Not at the moment.”

“Do you want me to fist you?”

Søren made a face of utter disgust and Nora giggled. She loved finding Søren’s limits and poking them.

“That is a hard no for the rest of eternity,” he said.

“Threesome with Kingsley?”

“He’s busy with Juliette this weekend. They’re vacation-home hunting in Newport.”

“Okay, I give up. What nice thing do you want me to do for you in exchange for the nice thing you did for me, sir?”

Søren slid on top of her again. He braced himself over her, his hands on either side of her chest. He kissed her collarbone, her chest and neck.

“I want you,” he said as he nuzzled her hair that had come loose and flowed over her shoulder. “To…” He kissed her right nipple. She moaned softly. “Go.” He kissed her left nipple. She moaned a little less softly. “To.” He lightly bit the soft skin in the valley between her breasts. She moaned almost loudly. “The Sacred Heart church picnic tomorrow.”

“Why do you hate me?”


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