the ending saves or breaks the book

I’ve read and rated lots of books with perfect stars for delivering a perfect ending. It doesn’t matter how shitty or cliché the characters and story lines are, the ending can save the entire book. Situations like these made me finish whatever book I read. Just imagine what a waste it would’ve been if you DNF (did not finish) a book that had an amazing ending which gave all the answers you’re searching for. Sometimes I put down a book but after a couple of months I’ll pick it up again and devour the whole thing. Though sometimes it takes me years to pick it up again.

Some of my four star rating books were really good reads but have an unsatisfying ending. The writing was excellent. The characters were amazing. The execution of climax was perfect. But sometimes they really took the wrong turn with the ending. Some ends abruptly after the hero and heroine make-up. Others just can’t give the good ending for a good story.

Instead of DNFing a book I put it in my TLTF (too lazy to finish) pile. This way I’m not completely discarding a book after reading it for a few hours. Month after month I try to read it again. If I managed to finish it then yay for me but if I still can’t get the hang of it, I’ll have to put it back down again. You can even visit my goodreads account to see my TLTF shelf, lol.

xx Lovs


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