Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

So Over You by Gwen Hayes

So Over You

So Over You

The school newspaper was everything to Layney Logan and it was on the verge of dying. No fund, no class time and no paid advisor. She’ll do everything to keep it floating. Including being set up to blind dates to twelve high school guys in a matter of six weeks for a feature. Problems is, she haven’t dated anyone for four years. Besides, she’s been working with her ex-slash-love of her life since eighth grade, this should be a piece of cake. Really, how hard can it be?

I actually thought this would be your average high school romance but this is so much more. It didn’t feel like teenage love when I was reading this and it was beautiful. I was breathless when Layney dropped that bomb! I did not expect that. I don’t know why I didn’t saw it coming. I thought their break-up was just a big misunderstanding and I feel for these two. It’s just so sad how great love lose its way.

I don’t usually like a cat-and-mouse chase but watching Layney and Foster dancing around one another was fun to watch! Layney was your typical beautiful girl inside and out with her own insecurities. I really love sarcastic heroines. Foster was so charming but I didn’t fall in love with him. I had a hard time reconciling with his actions of before but I love how he thrived for a second chance. I would’ve given this a higher rating but I didn’t like the ending. I felt like I was left hanging and. It was sweet but abrupt. It would’ve been more satisfied if there was an epilogue or something though.

Read: June 17, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars


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