Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Something Beautiful by Jamie McGuire

Something Beautiful

Something Beautiful

Fans of Beautiful Disaster have been waiting for this story for a few years now. And I still can’t believe it was finally in our hands!!! Jamie McGuire gave us a small glimpse of Shep and America’s relationship as they embark their own beautiful journey

This novella took place during A Beautiful Wedding and in between the Maddox Brothers. As the Maddox brothers fall like dominoes to a forever-kind-of-marriage, Shep was starting to think of settling down too. However, he and America seems to be on a different wavelength. Will this make or break the long standing relationship of Shep and America?

I was actually a little disappointed on this novella. I’ve been waiting for this for months and I kind of set a high expectation because, come on, this is Jamie McGuire. This is Shep and America’s story that fans have been waiting for for years. I was actually hoping to see even a peek when they kind of broke up in Beautiful Disaster. Also, I was kind of disappointed to America’s attitude. I always find her a very strong characters and I guess this novella didn’t really do it for me. A good bonus for us readers is that we saw a little of Abby and Travis.

P.S. Must read all the published works of the Beautiful and Maddox Brothers series before reading this novella.

Read: September 2, 2015

Rating: 3.5 Stars


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