Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

Speechless by Hannah Harrington



Chelsea Knot has taken a vow of silence after the last secret she uttered nearly got someone killed, that eventually led to her being a social outcast. Keeping her mouth shut is harder than she anticipated but she endures it despite all the things her old friends say. In time, Chelsea found herself in a new set of friends and in the arms of a boy she might fall for. Through it all, this is also her journey to gain forgiveness to all she had hurt in the past and find a way to forgive herself.

“Hate is… it’s too easy. Love. Love takes courage.”

This book is different from Saving June but the same in a way that both books are beautiful. I never had much patience with almost day-to-day chapters but I love this one. I didn’t get bored with the slow progress but it made room for interesting encounters between the characters. I think more interaction is always better. Chelsea’s character really did a 180 after what happened. But her personality development didn’t improve overnight. She took baby steps in being a better person and I love how she stood up to what she thinks is right. She no longer seeks the approval of anyone in the things she do and at the end of the day she was happy. I love Sam for her. He’s so down to earth, so nice it hurts. I had so much fun with the Rosie crew also.

I wanted to give this book a five star rating but I feel like I’m settling with the ending. I was expecting a more intense ending that would give more impact to the story. This book left us hanging for more. I would’ve accepted it if there’s a short story or epilogue out there. I guess this is really one of the downside of standalones. It’s hard to create an ending that would give justice to the whole story that would satisfy readers also.

Read: August 28, 2014

Rating: 4 Stars


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