Contemporary Romance, New Adult, Suspense

Collared by Nicole Williams



Jade Childs was taken when she was seventeen. She had loving parents and two siblings. She had friends. She had Torrin Costigan. The love of her life and the last person who saw her. Ten years had passed and everyone had lost hope of her returning, except for the boy who never stopped loving her. Ten years had passed and she was found and returned to her family, to the community, to him. Ten years had passed and nothing was ever the same.

“Time, circumstance, tragedy—nothing can change that. You and me, there isn’t an over for us.”

One of the soul-crushing, life-altering books of 2016!!!

That beautiful synopsis really drew me in. It sets expectations high and this book met them all and gave some more! It was beautiful and heartbreakingly good. I love everything about this book, even the lies and deception and bitter emotions. I didn’t expect an unconventional love story. I thought the only issues would be her kidnapping and the years lost but I guess life really does go on with or without you.

I thought of the worse when Jade was abducted so I readied myself in experiencing shitload of feels. I feel for all the devastating things that happened in her life. You’d think that having a decade of her life taken from her was enough but the aftermath of her abduction was catching up on her current life. My heart literally aches for these two. I didn’t expect Torrin to be that different even after ten years. He keeps on apologizing and apologizing in a certain chapter and I was like, “It’s okay my loves. I understand.” And when he finally revealed why he’s sorry, my golly. I cried. Tears are pouring down and it wouldn’t stop because it just hurts so bad, and to think it was only the beginning. Huhubells, they still have the whole road ahead of them and I don’t know how to brace myself for all they’ll go through.

Nicole Williams is so good at influencing readers in feeling what her character’s feeling. It was written so eloquently, I can’t help but feel the raw emotions coming from all the characters. I have mixed feels for the bittersweet ending. I usually go for that kind of ending but for this story I was hoping for a different one. Now, I’m itching for a short story, novella or sequel.

Read: March 23, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars


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