Contemporary Romance, New Adult

So Much More by Kim Holden

So Much More

So Much More

In every start and end of a love story there is an injured party. Seamus never saw it when Miranda filed for divorce. In every start and end of a love story there is a villain. Miranda never thought that her plan to ‘upgrade’ would backfire on her. In every start and end of a love story there is a miracle bound to happen. Faith never lose hope in finding her true family despite her horrible past. How could love have room for every hate, anger and bleakness in their lives?

“Please tell me you’re real?” I beg from behind my hands. I’m talking in a voice that I usually reserve for internal dialogue, it’s questioning, but pessimistic. “I need you to be real. Please.”

Can I just say how amazing Kim Holden is?

This woman writes to make us rock in the corner and sobs uncontrollably. Seriously, this would make you cry. You would’ve been made of stone if you didn’t. Surprisingly, it wasn’t the ‘love’ between the main characters that made me cry… but the family issues. It was just so heartbreaking for everyone. It wasn’t only Seamus’s story that calls out to readers but every character also… yes even evil wicthy Miranda, I’ll go back to her later. I absolutely adore the ‘chapter titles.’ Nice touch! It builds up anticipation and expectations.

I really feel for Seamus. I was crying with him after Miranda did what she did in ‘A lovely shade of I will annihilate your soul’. Family matters really did me in. I love how strong and loving and perfect Seamus is. After everything with Miranda, I don’t think Faith deserves him either. This guy just gives and gives. I could just hate Miranda! What a bitch! I want to scratch her eyes out for making Seamus’s life a living hell. I really can’t believe her attitude. I can’t stand her. Ugh.

I totally want to give this a perfect rating but there’s this scene in ‘Were you sent straight from hell to destroy my life?’ which is in Miranda’s POV that shit went down again and I was on the verge of sobbing then it switched in Seamus’s POV and ugh!!!! I was actually readying myself for more intense feels, because this is Seamus what more can we expect, then his next words are like “You want some coffee?” It was so frustrating, my golly. Once you read, you’ll see what I’m talking about. However, as a whole it didn’t alter how passionately and beautifully written this book is.

Read: April 7, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars


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