Blog Updates

Blog Update: New Pages

Just wanna update you guys from the little tweaking I did with my blog.

So instead of compiling my reviews in a single page, I decided to group them… and voila!


Standalone Reviews will include single novels only. No prequel or sequel or short novella.

Not all reviews in the Duet Reviews section were two full-length novels; some contained only one full-length novel with a companion novella.

Some trilogies have novellas in between books and I still include them under Trilogy Reviews.

More than three full-length novels will immediately fall under Saga/Series Reviews. Also, some of the reviews in this section are in-progress series, so expect to see changes in the near future.

Lastly, the Short Story Reviews encompasses anthologies, short stories, independent novellas, etc.

I feel so organized and shit.

I’m just really bored… so I guess I’ll go back writing new reviews.

xx Lovs


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