Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Off-Campus Series by Elle Kennedy


The Deal



Hannah Wells has been trying to catch Justine Kohl’s eyes for a while now… by staring at him during class. She’s painfully aware of her lack of social skills, hence the deal she made with Garrett Graham. Garrett’s failing a class and he needs to remedy it soon if he wants to play hockey. Hannah will tutor him and in return, Garrett will help her expand her social skills and boost her popularity. It’s a win-win situation that’s supposed to leave them as friends at most. But one kiss changed everything. Could Garret persuade Hannah in giving him a chance? Will Hannah let a player in her heart? Could two different people be perfect for one another?

“We studied. We watched TV. I went home late. That’s what happened. Got it?”

One of my best reads this 2015!

I didn’t expect to love this book so much because I haven’t read anything of Elle Kennedy. My friends are also not familiar with her, so I went in blind thinking that this will be an okay read. I’ve never been happy to be so wrong! This book didn’t only made me tear up and fall in love but the wicked sense of humor of these characters left me laughing so hard my sides ached! This is definitely one of the fun reads despite Hannah’s past. It was horrible but I love how she survived and managed to fight her demons.

I really wanted to give this a five-star rating but the reason behind the ‘break up-making up stage’ is fairly common. I expected Hannah to respond differently. She brought heartbreaks for a couple of chapters because of a wrong decision. My heart went out to Garrett because he did everything he can and more and didn’t give up. *sigh* Garrett was a different person from the one we met. Being a one-woman man looks good on him. I still love them together though.

Read: March 20, 2015

Rating: 4.5 Stars

The Mistake



Hockey player John Logan finally met his match in Grace Ivers, the freshman brunette he couldn’t get out of his head. One movie night led to another that eventually resulted to heartache. Grace fled that summer and came back a new woman and has no interest in rekindling romance with Logan. But if there’s one thing Logan most excelled at is being stubborn and no one can stop him from getting his girl back.

“Liar,” I accuse. “Of course you want to be my girlfriend. And FYI? You are.”

Logan was my favorite in this group. I am so very, very excited for his book and it was everything I’ve thought and wanted it to be! He’s a perfect boyfriend once he put his focus and effort into it. He’s just so endearing. I also love Grace. She’s a tough cookie. I love that after being pushed to her limits she stood her ground and power on. She didn’t let people walk over her and I love, love it! These two together are so adorable and having an exploding-hot chemistry is just a bonus.

I absolutely adore how unique the story line of this book is. It wasn’t your average good girl meets bad boy, fall in love, broke up, make up and they lived happily ever after story. It was a story of friendship, family, second chances and sacrifices too. I’m kind of itching for more because that short Epilogue didn’t really satiate our thirst for these two. Oh well, the chapter before that made me really happy so I guess it works.

Read: November 9, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

The Score



Reeling from a bad breakup, Allie Hayes finds herself in bed with Dean Di-Laurentis. It was supposed to be a one-night stand, a rebound sex but Dean can’t get enough of her. He never had trouble in having girls but Allie appears to be elusive and draws the line at being friends. Could Allie tame the ultimate manwhore? Or would Dean fuck up the best thing to happen in his life?

“Okay, so here’s our plan for tonight. First we’ll bone down to take the edge off. Then we’ll order pizza and replenish our energy, and after that, round two. Sound good?”

I honestly didn’t expect to love this pairing so much. I’m even contemplating on changing my OTP for this series, lol! But seriously, these two are so different, so polar opposites that I can’t/didn’t picture them together. It’s actually a good surprise to see Allie and Dean together because it only adds allure and curiosity on how will they cope and stay strong together as reality came crashing down.

I remember reading The Deal and The Mistake while laughing so much I cried. Well guess what? The Score didn’t only make me laugh but it also made a blubbering-sob mess out of me. I didn’t expect that shit to happen.  I didn’t expect for you, Elle Kennedy, to take such drastic measures for our characters to grow up and be better. That character didn’t deserve it! We didn’t deserve it! I don’t think I could ever recover from that. I think I’m traumatized so much I’m no longer reading more of your books…


Like I could resist Tucker. Like I could resist the curiosity eating at me. I mean, seriously? Tucker and Sabrina? I didn’t see that coming either! I actually thought that Tucker and Summer were seeing each other… I don’t know where that came from, but whatever!

I’m off to add The Goal (Off-Campus #4) in my ever growing pile of to-reads, so should you!

Read: January 12, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars

The Goal OC4


Sabrina James will do whatever it takes to escape her shameful past even if it means pushing away a certain hockey player from her life. But their first night together resulted to something neither of them dreamed of. John Tucker refused to take the backseat when it comes to becoming a father. Tucker must not only learn how to be a father but also convince the mother of his child to take a chance on him. Would Sabrina let her ambition crush her chance at love? Or would Tucker succeed in making her see they could achieve both their goals?

“You’re the only one for me. My sun rises and sets on your smile. My heart beats because yours does.”

I didn’t expect Sabrina’s life situation. I thought she was doing fine financially because she was depicted as any college girl from the previous books. Anyway, it was quite a shock and also disappointing to see how this affected her decisions. She made wrong assumptions on Tucker and it just led to more heartache to both sides. I thought that Tucker was player like the others but tamer. I didn’t expect him to actually date girls. He was incredibly sweet and good to Sabrina and their little baby.

I expected too much in this book because of The Score. That one made me bawl like a baby. I had so many theories and ideas but none of them came quite close. Sabrina and Tucker weren’t who I thought they were. The story is still amazing but the feels weren’t so intense like in the previous books. It was a bit of a light-read for me despite the drama. I’m still happy how it turned out for all our dear characters as they end the series.

Read: October 11, 2016

Rating: 4 Stars


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