Contemporary Romance, Young Adult

When We Collided by Emery Lord

When We Collided

When We Collided


Jonah Daniels’ life was turned upside down when his father died. With her mother barely leaving the bed, he seemed to be the one taking up most of the responsibilities of taking care of his three younger siblings. Together with his two older siblings, they were able to make a routine to survive. Then a girl named Violet came in their household like a tornado. Vivi was so full of life she made everything so bearable, coaxing smiles and laughters to the Daniels. But like everyone else, Vivi has a secret that could wreck the Daniels once again. Could Jonah avoid another catastrophe to their family? Or will he risk it all for love?

“Maybe we were dying planets, Jonah, being drawn into the darkness.” I hold my right palm against his cheek, and I wish I could touch him with both my hands. “When we collided, we bounced each other back into orbit. And now we have to do that—we have to return to our own paths because that’s what we gave each other.”

I don’t think I’m capable of saying anything but how heartbreaking this story is. It was all rainbows and butterflies at the beginning, but then things started going bad to worse to worst. I actually hated Vivi when things started go south. She was so mean to Jonah and I can’t understand why she’s being like that! She was breaking our hearts and I want to rip her hair off. But what happened in the end, oh my god. She did the right thing even if it hurts! It hit me right in the feels. They made their own HEA. *sigh* I also didn’t expect Vivi’s secret. I thought of worse and it turned out to be something different but still life-shattering.

I love this book. It was so depressing but there’s a certain beauty in every sad love story. I honestly didn’t expect this book to break me. I thought this would be just a light read. God, I don’t know how many times my chest hurt physically while reading this. I haven’t even found the courage to reread it again because I’m not sure if I would ever be ready to get my heart broken all over again.

Read: April 21, 2016

Rating: 5 Stars


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