Contemporary Romance, New Adult

Shot Callers Series by Belle Aurora




After being caught red-handed with a wallet that isn’t hers, Mina Harris was given an option by Lev Leokov to work for him in exchange for food, shelter and a job. And who was she to refuse when the other choice was to be surrendered to the police? As Mina continue to be a resident of the Leokov household, she began to realize the Lev is unlike any man she would ever met and a dark secret is lurking over them. Can Mina accept the kind of man Lev is? Or would she rather go back to her former life?

“They say penguins mate for life.” He reached up again and jerked hard at his tie. “And I want to be your penguin.”

I love, love Lev so much! He’s one of the most adorable alpha-male characters I’ve ever encountered and crushed on! I don’t think the feels left me throughout the whole book. If Lev and Mina were not there, Nas and Vik, Anika and Sasha, and even Cora and Alessio brought the feels like nobody’s business. I also love Mina’s character, because she was not a doormat! I love it when the male lead was an alpha through and through but the female lead never bowed down to his wishes! Talk about girl power. The only thing I found lacking in the book was a poor execution of the climax. I didn’t feel it much. My heart didn’t race. There was no dreading feeling. Regardless, I still love it! And I want more! Honestly, I just want more of Lev.

Shot Callers will be a series of standalones and I can’t wait! Gah, I can’t believe I have to wait atleast a year before delving into the Leokov household again! Sasha&Anika and Viktor&Nastasia will surely have their own books and I’m hoping for Alessio&Cora’s. Even if it’s only a novella, I’ll take it!

Read: October 21, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars

No news yet regarding Sasha & Viktor! I’m actually not sure which one would be next. I hope Viktor will be the last, even if I’m dying to get my hands on their story! I’m pretty excited to see Sasha in looooooooooove tho. I’ll keep you updated if there’s any news!


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