Erotica, New Adult, Romance

RAW Family by Belle Aurora




Alexa Ballentine made a career being a caseworker after experiencing abuse and neglect from her biological parents. She was a runway once too. Now, she has everything she could’ve asked for except for having a stalker. She felt his eyes on her and he’s not even hiding from her. There he is wearing his black hoodie, always watching her. Was it wrong to fall in love with her stalker?

This book is a dark erotica with a side of bdsm. I was not aware of it all when I read this. Either way, I’m okay with it since I’m used to reading books I don’t know shit about. I admit that I was not liking where the story was heading because Lexi and Twitch seemed to be dancing around each other over and over again. Sure, they may have the most explodingly hot chemistry I’ve read so far but they talk, fight and make-up. It was a never ending cycle for me. I can’t imagine how Lexi stood by Twitch because I so gave up on him. Still love him though even if he’s such a class-A asshole. I can’t actually sort my feels for this book. One minute I’m falling in love and the next I want to shake them both, ugh!

I was actually going rate this for three stars only but that last page saved this book. My heart is seriously breaking right now. The feels, my golly, my feeeeeeels! I need the second book pronto! But then, I saw that the second book will feature Julius. I don’t have anything against Julius but come on! We need more of Lexi and Twitch! This is injustice Belle Aurora. I cannot believe you will torture us like this. WHY?????

Read: October 30, 2015

Rating: 5 Stars



“I’m going home.”

After years of abused, Alejandra Castillo took the chance to condemn her husband and leave the life she knew. As jury, judge and executioner of the underworld, Julius Carter prides himself in punishing those who steps over the line. Being deceived by a pretty face wouldn’t do well for his record. He would do whatever it takes to bring her back to his family. She would do whatever it takes to escape them. Could Alejandra survive the horror that awaits her? Or would Julius save her in time before she broke?

Like some of the readers, I was more interested with Twitch than Julius. A big part of me read this book because of Twitch. So imagine my surprise to love Julius and Ana so much that I kind of wish this book was just about them. I love that Julius and Ana were very different from Twitch and Lexi. They’ve lived and breathe the life in blood. They’ve suffered so much and it was only right for them to get justice and happy endings.

I really wanted to give this a five-star rating but I’m a bit disappointed. I think RAW set high expectations from readers. I was actually enjoying the ride but the ending came so suddenly. I was expecting an intense ending like in the previous book. Something that would leave readers aching for what will happen next. Well, it did gave us some ideas what to expect for the next book and I can’t wait for it!

P.S. No matter what happened to her in the past, I never trusted that bitch. I want her dead.

Read: November 2, 2016

Rating: 4.5 Stars





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