Lights Out

I opened my eyes.

Have you ever felt that the light was so bright you can feel the heat in your skin? That warm tingling feeling… almost like the heat you feel on your cheeks when you blush. But different, because it’s not natural.

Just like when I met him.

I could never forget that day. That day changed the whole course of my life. I was supposed to board the plane to escape life when he literally bumped into me. Just like in the movies, I dropped some of my things, he helped me, our fingers touched, our gaze met and boom.

Just like that I was caught.

After a few seconds, he apologized, I said its ok. I missed the last call for my flight because I enjoyed talking with him. Because I’m not yet ready to say goodbye to this beautiful stranger. And, frankly I can’t make myself give a shit when my whole world just crashed down twenty-four hour ago. He asked me out for coffee tomorrow, I said yes.

Just like every cliché book out there.

I never did left town. I stayed because of him. Stupid, right? To tie myself to a man I hardly know. It’s too risky, but that’s love was all about isn’t? To take all the risks there is, to fight for it at the cost of breaking your own heart? This time around, fate seemed to smile at me because I get to keep him. We dated for a few months before he asked me to be his girlfriend. A year after that he asked me to be his fiancé. Six months after that we’re married.

Just like that I had my taste of a happy ever after.

But life is not all about butterflies and unicorn, we had problems. We argued. We fought. One time, I even thought that we’re done, that this is it; this is where the chapter of our marriage will end. I told him so. He just stared at me and left the house. I went upstairs and started packing a bag. I was halfway done when I heard his car pulled to the driveway. I took a deep breath and turned around. He’s there holding a book. My favorite book that I never stopped talking about no matter how many years have passed since I’ve read it.

Just like that I knew we would be okay.

I left the house early. I didn’t wake him up because I wanted to get his surprise birthday gift. I left a note on the nightstand and kissed him goodbye. I used my old car because I couldn’t find the keys for the new car he bought me. If I wasn’t in such hurry, I would’ve noticed that the new keys were just a couple of inches from the old keys. If I wasn’t in such hurry, I would’ve never taken the old car because it’s been a year since it was last used. If I wasn’t in such a hurry, I wouldn’t be sitting here in my old car with broken brakes and seconds away from getting hit by a truck.

Just like that the lights went out.


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